Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Characters Details Revealed

Know more about the main characters!

Nintendo and Monolith Soft have recently released the official Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters details of the upcoming video game sequel.

In this game, there are six main characters that will take part in this epic journey and will come from two warring nations called Keves and Agnus. All of the characters were designed by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character designer Masatsugu Saito.

As said from the announcement, this game will connect the futures of the original Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Players will be exploring the world of Aionios, home to two hostile nations:

Keves: a nation where mechanical technology was developed. Their armies are composed of units consisting mainly of combat vehicles. They use units of small, mobile weapons operated by soldiers riding them.

Agnus: a nation strong in ether, a magical technology. Their forces are built around units that specialise in ether combat, and they fight with small, mobile, autonomous weapons that use ether technology.

Main Cast:

Noah: Male protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and a soldier of Keves. Noah is an off-seer who mourns for soldiers who’ve lost their lives on the battlefield. He is seen playing a flute for that kind of ceremony.

Lanz: An ally of Noah’s who wields a great sword that doubles as a shield.

Eunie: A childhood friend of Noah and Lanz who has a sharp tongue and rough personality. She specialises in healing her allies in battle.

Mio: The other protagonist of this story, Mio is a soldier of Agnus and an off-seer like Noah.

Taion: A tactician who fights alongside Mio using his smarts and insight.

Sena: This soldier is an ally of Mio and Taion. Despite her petite figure, Sena wields immense physical strength!

Here are the voice actors of the six main characters:

  • Noah – Ryohei Arai
  • Mio – Minami Tsuda
  • Lanz – Kohsuke Tanabe
  • Eunie – Megumi Han
  • Taion – Ryohei Kimura
  • Sena – Miyuki Sato

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches in September 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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