Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom All Zonai Devices

A complete guide listing all the Zonai Devices and their uses in The Legend of Zelda: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Devices

Zonai Devices are tools that were made by the early civilization of the Zonai in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are different kinds of devices that serve different purposes. Obtaining and mastering how they are used is essential for the success of Link’s journey to rescue Princess Zelda.

Read ahead as we go through the list of Zonai Devices and explore what they are used for in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get Zonai Devices

Zonai Devices are usually initially found scattered in some spots in the Great Sky Islands, but they can also be found in other places and through other means:

  • Shrines – Devices found in shrines are often vital to solving its puzzle or overcoming its challenges. However, these devices cannot be taken out of the shrines.
  • Zonai Dispensers – Zonai Devices are dispensed via capsules which can be carried in the inventory. These dispensers accept Zonai Charges or Soldier Construct Horns.
  • Armories – Armories found in the Depths are often where a number of devices are stored and can be obtained.
  • Chests – Devices can rarely be found in chests.
Zonai Dispenser

Zonai Devices List

Listed below are all of the Zonai Devices that can be found in the game. They serve different kinds of purposes, ranging from structural, utility, combat, and movement.

  • Balloon – The Zonai Balloon floats when it is filled with hot air. Similar to a hot air balloon, the stronger the flame, the quicker it rises.
  • Battery – The Zonai Battery stores Zonai-charge energy. This allows a Zonai device attached to it to be powered up without the need for Link to be in proximity.
  • Beam Emitter – The Zonai Beam Emitter shoots out beams of lasers when attached to a weapon or a shield.
  • Big Battery – The Zonai Big Battery can hold a larger capacity of energy than its regular version.
  • Big Wheel – The Zonai Big Wheel is a powered wheel that can handle rougher terrains, and it can even go through shallow water.
  • Small Wheel – The Zonai Small Wheel is a powered wheel that is more suited for rolling across flat surfaces.
  • Canon – The Zonai Canon fires explosive shots in intervals. Its shots follow an trajectory, so some aim adjustment is required.
  • Cart – The Zonai Cart can roll across flat surfaces, provided that it is connected to a power source.
  • Construct Head – The Zonai Construct Head faces whatever it deems an enemy. Attaching a combat Zonai device on it will make the attacks home in on enemies.
  • Fan – The Zonai Fan blows wind by spinning propellers. It is strong enough to generate thrust and even lift light objects up in the air. When attached to a shield, it blows small enemies away when shielding.
  • Flame Emitter – The Zonai Flame Emitter shoots fire. It can be attached to a weapon or to a shield to shoot flames as you use them.
  • Homing Cart – The Zonai Homing Cart heads and homes in on monsters to attack.
  • Hover Stone – The Zonai Hover Stone can hover in the air when activated. It can also be moved using the Ultrahand while hovering.
  • Hydrant – The Zonai Hydrant gushes water when it is struck. It can be used to quickly fill receptacles with water.
  • Light – The Zonai Light provides portable lighting, useful when venturing through the depths.
  • Mirror – The Zonai Mirror can reflect beams of light, useful for solving puzzles.
  • Portable Pot – The Zonai Portable Pot can be used to cook food while on the go. It can be used to cook only one dish.
  • Rocket – The Zonai Rocket produces a powerful thrust, but only for a short duration. When attached to a shield, it will boost Link up when shielding.
  • Shock Emitter – The Zonai Shock Emitter shoots out shocking bolts when struck. Attach it to weapons or shield to shock enemies.
  • Sled – The Zonai Sled allows Link to slide down slopes, similar to shield surfing.
  • Spring – The Zonai Spring make objects that get in contact with it to be bounced away.
  • Stabilizer – The Zonai Stabilizer makes anything attached to it stay upright relevant to its orientation.
  • Stake – The Zonai Stake can be attached on to walls and can be built upon.
  • Steering Stick – The Zonai Steering Stick can be attached to any vehicle to allow Link to steer it.
  • Time Bomb – The Zonai Time Bomb can be activated for a timed explosion. Its explosion can activate other devices, making it useful why trying to synchronize actions.
  • Wing – The Zonai Wing can be dropped from a high elevation to make it glide for a long distance. Other devices can be attached to it to improve its flight.
Energy Cell

How to use Zonai Devices

Zonai Devices are often activated by hitting them with a weapon or an arrow. They stay powered on as long as Link has enough energy in his Energy Cells and if he’s near the activated device, or if the device is attached to a Zonai Battery. They can be turned off by hitting them once more. If devices are attached to one another via Ultrahand, all of the devices will be turned on at once even if only one is hit.

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