Samurai Warriors Series Sales Now Over 8 Million Copies Globally

The first wave of DLC for SW5 has also released.

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Game company Koei Tecmo has officially announced that the total sales of Samurai Warriors series has now surpassed 8 million units worldwide.

In a recent post of the official Twitter account of Koei Tecmo America, the new record of the Samurai Warriors series surpassing 8 million sales was revealed with a new image of Samurai Warriors 5 in the background. It is somewhat to celebrate its recent release and with its success, the new milestone was achieved. No specific numbers were revealed from the new announcement though.

A while ago, the details for the SW5’s DLC Wave 1 was revealed. There will be three new playable scenarios to enjoy, and more content. This includes

Playable scenarios:

  • Oichi’s Getting Hitched
  • Battle for the Legendary Hot Springs
  • Who Is the Smartest in the Land?


  • Iron Coat
  • Silver Coat
  • Armor Coat


  • Bow “Frost Princess”
  • Odachi “Chaos Sower”
  • Talisman “Mystic Ninetails

The DLC Wave 1 is now available to download in the game.

Samurai Warriors 5 is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.