5 PlayStation Exclusives That Were Cancelled and Forgotten

As a gamer, the most heart-breaking moment for me is when a company announces a cancellation of a game. Building that hype the first time we saw from the trailers down to the gameplay and their release dates, then suddenly was cancelled due to some major or even minor issues are a shitty moment that I really don’t like.

Especially exclusive games from Microsoft like Scalebound and Fable Legends, I was so hyped with those games but when they announced its cancellation, it ruined my day, knowing that I’ve been saving money since its first trailer.

So far Sony and Microsoft have been rivals when it comes to exclusives, in my opinion Sony wins when it comes to exclusives games. But I don’t want to blame everything on Microsoft, Sony also has a few games that made me reach my high-blood pressure to its limits. I’ve listed down 5 exclusive Sony games that had been cancelled or never been heard again. Reminders, this list consists games from the original PlayStation all the way to the PlayStation 4. Enjoy.

Coded Arms: ASSAULT

Source: IGN.com

YES! This is Developed by Konami. A first-person shooter for the PlayStation 4, a sequel to Coded Arms for the PSP. It was announced at E3 2016, the hype from the fans was high until Konami decided to cancel its development. This was supposed to have a 16-player online matches and random generated environments. Sadly, they left the project unfinished to create another game.

Eight Days

Source: IGN.com

Eight days was being developed by SCE London Studios for the PlayStation 3, the game was first announced back in E3 2006 by Sony. Unfortunately, in June 4, 2008 the game was cancelled. Reasons for the cancellation was its lack of online mode. Sony’s focus to increase the online-supported games grew, thus Eight Days didn’t get the right ingredients to fit its online capabilities from Sony’s online standards. While in 2009, it was confirmed that the game was not cancelled but was put ‘on hold’. But up until now we haven’t heard from the game since then. Too bad becuase the game had a lot of potential as a shooter. Maybe this would be better than the Mafia series.


This was still a mystery for me, even though they didn’t show any gameplay or trailer, knowing that this was developed by Rockstar North exclusively for the PS3, that alone was made me jump in the hype train. Rockstar North created Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and of course the GTA series.

The game was supposed to be set during the Cold War and will take players into “the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations”, also the game is a stealth action genre which makes it more interesting, Rockstar never failed to amaze me with its games, maybe this will be the first. Rumors said that the game has change its trademark filing, I wish they will still consider redeveloping this game again.

Thrill Kill

Ahhh the 90s where everyone is concerned about violence and sexual related themes in videogames. Back in 1998, Paradox Development, later Midway Studios-Los Angeles made a game so controversial that made EA backed out from publishing it as the publisher thought it would do more damage than good. They also named the game so offensive that they didn’t want to sell it or even release it with a different publisher.

This game was also known to be the first to get an ESRB rating of “Adults Only” for its violence and sexual themes. Thrill Kill was a 3D fighting game with 4 players fighting with each other to their deaths, ending it with a thrill kill, much like the fatalities of Mortal Kombat. You’ll be pulling limbs, cutting necks and even let them commit suicide. Maybe if the game was released, it would have the chance to show the game to the public.

Silent Hills / P.T.

You saw that coming, didn’t you? Yes, this was the game that made me super excited not only because of the franchise but also because of the team developing the game. This was led by a videogame dream team, with Hideo Kojima as the director, Guillermo Del Toro’s help, horror manga artist Junji Ito and the protagonist Norman Reedus. It was so good to be true. This was supposed to be a game that would break records. When they introduced us to P.T. (Playable Teaser) it made a big impression to many gamers, even though it was just a teaser. It was rewarded as one of the scariest videogames ever. So imagine if we have the full game, what would it be like? I hope Kojima’s Death Stranding will be better than Silent Hills.  Oohhh Konami why would you do this to us.

These are the top 5 PlayStation games that were cancelled or forgotten by their developers. How about you guys? Is there a cancelled or a forgotten game that you were really looking forward to? Please leave your comments below.

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