5 PlayStation Games that Need a Reboot / Remake / Remaster

It’s already a trend that games are getting reboots, remakes, and remasters. There were great ones last year like Insomniac Games’ Ratchet & Clank, Double Fine’s Days of the Tentacle, and Final Fantasy X/X-2. Let’s not forget this year’s LocoRoco, PaRappa The Rapper, Full Throttle, and Arkane Studios’ remake of a sci-fi shooter — Prey. Square Enix is already in the works of a golden classic remake of Cloud Strife’s adventures – Final Fantasy VII. And Activision is already ready to release a platformer classic, Crash Bandicoot.

The titles mentioned above are great ones, but I guess it’s time for the games I’m about to list below to be rebooted/remade/remastered reallly soon:

Syphon FilterGabriel Logan and Lian Xing are characters that we all know and love back in the PlayStation 1 era. The third-person shooter stealth title by Bend Studios, formerly known as Eidetic, is still part of my list of all-time PlayStation 1 games. A remake from Bend Studios will surely take the hearts of all fans and newcomers to this franchise.

Brave Fencer MusashiSquare’s action-roleplaying adventure about a little boy who is considered to be the legendary swordsman to protect the Allucanet Kingdom. Musashi was one of the first video-games on the system I really adore, especially its hack n’ slash mechanics plus RPG elements. Aside from that, Musashi’s strong and determined personality can definitely attract gamers who haven’t played the game before.

Dino CrisisA classic survival horror that involves dinosaurs! I have to admit, back in the day when I played Dino Crisis I was still a kid and I haven’t finished the game. Thinking about it, I might do another run gain in Dino Crisis this weekend and see if I can finish it this time. But putting my story aside, Capcom should definitely have a Dino Crisis remake. A fresh reboot of Dino Crisis will certainly give them the edge especially with Resident Evil 7’s success, I’m quite confident that Capcom will deliver something interesting when they decide to develop a reboot of Dino Crisis.

Destruction DerbyBefore Burnout existed, Destruction Derby was one hell of a racing game that lived up to the word “destruction”. You ram at another vehicle and blowing them up were entertaining and fun. I played with my friends after I traded my Legacy of Kain for Destruction Derby, and it was worth it. The Destruction Derby mode is where you become a reckless wrecking machine. I’ve spend countless of hours beating my friends in Destruction Derby mode through system link. Ahh, the memories.

Spyro the DragonInsomniac Games has been known for their titles like Resistance and Ratchet & Clank, but for those who have followed the studio since their first platformer title in the PS1 era, Spyro the Dragon is one game you won’t forget. It’s one of the cutest and visually stunning title back in its time. It would be a great time for Insomniac Games to do a reboot of their classic title. They did it with Ratchet & Clank, now it’s time for them to do it with Spyro the Dragon.

What PS1 games do you want to have a remaster/remake/reboot?