5 Video-Games That Gamers May Avoid

2017 was a year full of great games such as Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn, PUBG, NieR: Automata, etc. 2018, on the other hand, has promised to give us the same expectation we had for 2017, and yes 2018 has a lot of great games coming. January alone gave us Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

But 2018 is not only a year for upcoming great games, there are some that are great but heavily criticized and hated by the fans before the game is even out. With its bad concept and questionable trailers, I listed my personal choices of games that gamers might avoid in 2018. Please note that these games have not yet been released so it might be successful, or they would fail, enjoy.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s gameplay, graphics, and world were showcased at E3 last year and it wowed some of the fans of the series because of its new addition gameplay mechanics. But as soon as you explore and check the game, especially the story, gamers and some critics find the game too political. It’s far from the previous entries which were about the tribes from the Himalayas and the Pacific islands. This was much more about the modern western culture. Having a pastor-like antagonist named Joseph Seed is a Guns and Bible demagogue who cites scripture often and speaks in apocalyptic terms. Also, the controversy about calling it a “White genocide simulator”. Yes, far Cry 5 gave us a lot to think about. Fans of the series might get this but not all are happy about it, I just hope they can manage to make this work.

Artifact: The DOTA Card Game

Okay, let me read that again, a DOTA card game? Come on Valve! I know you could do better than this. Remember the time you show this game’s teaser to the public? Instead of cheers, we heard a lot of aww moments from people. You know why? They thought it was Half-Life 3 or a new Portal game. I still couldn’t judge right away because Valve didn’t show us any gameplay footage or a full trailer about the game, but knowing it’s a card game and coming from Valve, I’m going to skip this one.


Although it was recently delayed up to 2019, the original release date for Anthem had people raise their eyebrows, especially that EA had a lot of epic fails last year with Mass Effect and Star Wars. The trailer and concept of the game was all great, even though it is based online, the game has a lot of potential to be a really great new IP. 2019 is still far away, I hope they can prove us wrong about what we think of Anthem.

Every Nintendo Labo Kits and Games

Okay, first of all, it’s a $79.99 game cardboard toy, plus you still need to assemble them manually, and you need to carefully use them because they’re fragile and, again, it will cost you $79.99 to buy a new one, then it’s a cardboard box toy for KIDS. There are so many possibilities that Nintendo Labo might end up a flop, why? For me, this is not child-friendly knowing how fragile cardboard boxes are. Nintendo Switch has a lot of potential and it also has a lot of great games coming in, but this, I might skip this. With $79.99, I could already buy two games for my switch. Sorry Nintendo, but not now.

Metal Gear Survive

Snaaaaakeeee!!!! Metal Gear without Snake is like a cake without icing. It’s pale and depressing. Metal Gear was a weird game on its own, it had a very complicated story and a very confusing timeline, but we all loved it. Directed by the genius Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear franchise will always stay in our hearts. As a fan of the series, Metal Gear Survive is just a mess. Sorry, but this was not what fans wanted for the series. Metal Gear was complex but this is nonsense, zombies? Wormholes? I like the idea of base-building mechanics like Fortnite, but this is not what Metal Gear is all about. It’s hard for me to play this game because I really want the story to continue, but that’s impossible already. Maybe its time to move on? I hope Death Stranding can make me forget what Konami did with my favorite series.

How about you guys? What games will you avoid playing this 2018? Please leave your comments below.