‘Abandoned’ Conspiracy Theories Arise After Cryptic Kojima Tweet

The cryptic tweet has fans pointing out parallels to Silent Hill, and Hideo Kojima's history of disguising projects.


The mysterious glitch that resulted in the delay of Blue Box Studios’ “Abandoned” demo has inspired many conspiracy theories on the Internet. Now, it appears that Hideo Kojima, the man behind many Metal Gear games and Death Stranding, has joined in the fray with a cryptic post on Twitter.

According to GameRant, Mr. Kojima posted a seemingly random tweet appearing to promote reading material in the Japanese language. However, fans have quickly noticed the words “The Murder Case of Abandoned Amusement Park” and an animatronic rabbit in the center of the image.

The article said that the tweet immediately received comments from fans who have made the apparent connection between the animatronic rabbit and the Silent Hill franchise – Robbie the Rabbit.

Fans will recognize Robbie as the mascot of the Lakeside Amusement Park, and a mainstay of the Silent Hills franchise.

GameRant also added that the tweet appeared at midnight of August 12 in the United States, which means that the post coincides with the 7th anniversary of the release of P.T. As may fans would recall, P.T. was essentially a playable teaser of a game unveiled as Silent Hills, which would have been produced by Konami and Kojima.

However, Silent Hills was canceled afterward by Konami. P.T. also disappeared from online stores following the cancellation of the game.

Conspiracy theories in the comments to the tweet allege that the “Abandoned” game project might be a smokescreen for something else entirely. Fans also pointed out Kojima’s long history of disguising projects before release.

Blue Box Studios had announced a “real time experience” that will preview the game to fans through the Abandoned PS5 app. The preview was scheduled to launch at noon of Tuesday, August 10. However, eager fans were disappointed when nothing happened with the PS5 app at the scheduled time.

The developer then took to Twitter to explain that there were technical issues in uploading the patch to the PS5 app.

As of today, August 12, GamesRadar reported that Blue Box is still working to address the delay. The developers said that they will not be specifying a date as to when the patch will be made available.

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