Abandoned Developers Respond to Rumors of Game Cancellation

Well, as long as they clarify the situation.


Blue Box, developer of upcoming video game Abandoned, has recently posted a statement in regards to rumors of cancelling their upcoming title.

Just recently, some previous Tweets from Blue Box were deleted by the developers, which led to this fear that there could be something happening behind the scenes. This then led to the rumors that the game Abandoned might be getting cancelled soon and it was just a matter of time before they will announce this on their Twitter account. The deletion of posts somehow solidified their reasoning of the cancellation.

Blue Box then shared a new statement on Twitter to clarify on the rumors. They denied that the game they are currently developing is getting cancelled. They are currently working on the reveal via the Realtime Experience app and online channels together with the Prologue of the game.

The developers planned for Q1 2022, but they realized it was not ready. They admitted they underestimated the development roadmap so now they have to put the reveal on hold. When they think they are ready for its release, they will make a new announcement.

Blue Box apologized to everyone for those who waited. Hopefully, they will provide more details at a later time to not worry their followers.

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