Abandoned Leaked Images Not What They Seem to Be

Before misunderstanding, better read the explanation from the studio.


Blue Box’s upcoming game Abandoned gets new leaked images and it seems they were not what everyone expected them to be.

Earlier, several images allegedly from Blue Box’s Abandoned game got leaked and everyone went crazy when one of them had the Silent Hill 5 logo. After the rumors about the next Silent Hill game surfaced, obsessed fans were quick to connect the dots without even doing research if they were actually related or just some other random image that did not even have a connection to the rumored sequel. Some even speculated that Abandoned IS the next Silent Hill game and Blue Box Head Hasan Kahraman is just denying it.

It turns out the images that got leaked were not even actual assets for an upcoming game. Known modder Lance McDonald reached out to Hasan to confirm the leaks, but the head swiftly denied they were assets for a game, let alone for the rumored new Silent Hill game.

The alleged deleted Tweet from Lance

In a now deleted Twitter post, Hasan explains that the images that got shared are real, but they were assets and were not even going to be used for an upcoming project. Some of the images were just rough drafts, and some of them were just jokes. The Silent Hill 5 image was one of those joke images.

Hasan told Lance that they were disappointed that the images they shared candidly was suddenly reframed as something wholly different. With how fans are obsessed with anything Silent Hill these days, they would quickly think that those were real assets for rumored new Silent Hill sequel. It would be better that the Blue Box team should not easily share any assets to the public soon as the Silent Hill community might misunderstand the shared images again and all hell will get loose.

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