Update: Abandoned First Trailer Now Available and It’s Nothing Much

We can finally reveal what this game is all about.

Update: The first trailer for Abandoned is now available and it is just the same teaser trailer that everyone saw three days ago. That’s it.

It does, however, have other slots that will open at a later time. Gameplay videos, cinematic videos, and more. It does not have any time written though, so that will take a long time to wait.

Original story: A new update from the official website of controversial game developer Blue Box Game Studios has been revealed, which should be about the Abandoned patch for its PS5 interactive trailer.

Blue Box Game Studios posted one line on its website with a very bright neon green background. It says that “The issue has been resolved. The patch will be live in a few hours.” This could only mean the issue behind the delayed PS5 patch for the interactive trailer for their upcoming video game has finally been solved.

With the patch finally going live in a few hours, curious viewers will finally get a look at what this new game is all about. Several fans of the Silent Hill franchise still say it is a new title for the series with its horror theme and all. Only a few fans of Metal Gear are still hoping that it is a new Metal Gear Solid game or perhaps a remake of the original.

Either way, everyone is finally glad that the Abandoned PS5 interactive trailer patch is finally going live and we can watch the trailer soon.