AEW: Fight Forever Trophy Guide & How to Platinum

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AEW: Fight Forever brings back the classic arcade-wrestler which seem to be a dying breed nowadays. With All Elite Wrestling bringing their best foot forward, you have a roster of legendary wrestlers to choose from and make history in the wrestling ring. In this AEW: Fight Forever trophy guide, we’ll tech you everything you need to do to get the Platinum trophy for this game.

There are 39 trophies to collect in total for AEW: Fight Forever.

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 4 Gold trophies
  • 6 Silver trophies
  • 28 Bronze trophies

Note: The PlayStation version for AEW: Fight Forever has 39 trophies due to having Platinum. Other platforms, like Xbox Series X|S, only has 38 achievements.

AEW: Fight Forever Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • All Trophies Earned: Earn all trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Livin’ the Wrestler’s Life: Complete Road to Elite 10 times
  • Match of the Year: Earn a 7-star match evaluation against a COM opponent in Exhibition
  • Triple Crown: Hold 3 titles simultaneously in Road to Elite

Silver Trophies

  • 4-Way Dominator: Win a 4-Way Match with all opponents on Hard difficulty or higher in Exhibition
  • Beat the Best: Defeat a COM opponent on ELITE difficulty in a Singles Match in Exhibition
  • No Feat Too Large: Complete at least 30 challenges
  • Ring Cleaner: Put 10 wrestlers over the top rope in a Casino Battle Royale Match against all COM opponents
  • The King of Harts: Complete 100 total Singles Matches in Exhibition
  • Train to the Max: Perform 30 or more successful Intense Trainings during a single play-through of Road to Elite

Bronze Trophies

  • Adept Flyer: Using the Springboard Offense skill, land 5 springboard attacks in a match
  • All Shall Cower Before Me: Defeat a COM opponent by submission in Exhibition
  • Arena Architect: Create a Custom Arena and complete a match using it
  • Belt Collector: Hold a title match in Exhibition and win a belt from a COM champion
  • Casual Gamer: Win a minigame within Road to Elite
  • Corner Wizard: Using the Corner Recoil Attack skill, land 2 recoil attacks in a match
  • DANGER: Contents Under Pressure!: Attack an opponent during an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match in Exhibition
  • Dexterous Dervish: Using the Desperation Impulse skill, win a match with roll-through move
  • E-Shopper: Make a purchase using AEW Cash
  • Equal Opportunity Player: Play through a match with at least 50 AEW wrestlers
  • Fearless Rocket: Using the Tope Offense skill, land 2 tope suicida attacks in a match
  • Finisher Thief: Using the Gimmick Infringement skill, win a match using the opponent’s finisher
  • First Win: Defeat a COM opponent for the first time in Exhibition
  • Food Critic: Select Dining 16 times in a single play-through in Road to Elite
  • Full Course Beatdown: Win a Singles Match after hitting the opponent with a signature and finisher
  • KABOOM!: Trigger 3 rope explosions on an opponent during an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match in Exhibition
  • Making Their Debut…: Create a Custom Wrestler and complete a Singles Match using them
  • Nice Catch!: Using the Anti-Air Defense skill, catch a dive attack
  • Off the Guardrail!: Using the Guardrail Dive Collector skill, land 3 dives from the guardrails in a match
  • On The Road to Elite: Complete Road to Elite
  • Professional Gamer: Play through 5 different minigames
  • Promising New Team: Create a Custom Team that includes a Custom Wrestler, and complete a Tag Match using it
  • Rope Wizard: Using the Rebound Recoil Attack skill, land 2 recoil attacks in a match
  • Shirt Collector: Earn all T-shirts that can be earned in Road to Elite
  • Smooth Footwork: Using the Kip-Up skill, recover from the ground 5 times in match
  • Watch Your Footing!: Push over a ladder an opponent is on to knock that opponent down in a Ladder Match
  • Welcome to the Elite!: Earn the AEW World Championship while playing Road to Elite
  • Who Needs Hands?: Using the Sloth Style skill, win a match by pinfall with hands in pocket

Getting the Platinum trophy for AEW: Fight Forever will be pretty generous to your time. None of the trophies are missable though you will be asked to take part in multiple games modes, especially in Exhibition. It should take you somewhere around 12 hours if you’re looking to Platinum the game.

Most of the trophies are easy enough, the only trouble is getting the Match of the Year trophy which requires that you get a 7-star rating with any of the matches in the game. It can be tricky to get this, but it is possible to do. The best way to earn Match of the Year is to play the Casino Battle Royale mode and take down as many wrestlers as possible.

A lot of the trophies also lie with AEW’s Road to Elite which is Fight Forever’s version of a Career Mode. You’ll create your own wrestler and guide them to success by defeating the legendary cast of this game.

The good news is that none of the trophies really require an online connection to get. So you platinum AEW: Fight Forever entirely offline. No need to fight against other players.

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