Alan Wake 2: All Missions and Chapter List

All Alan Wake & Saga Anderson Chapters

Alan Wake 2 Missions and Chapter List

There are a total of 19 missions in Alan Wake 2. Players will experience 10 chapters as Saga Anderson and 9 chapters as Alan Wake. This guide provides a detailed breakdown of every chapter and mission in Alan Wake 2, featuring both the original protagonist, Alan Wake, and the new addition, Saga Anderson. It’s a thrilling survival horror game that has well over 20 hours of gameplay. This sequel intertwines the narratives of both Alan and Saga, providing us with a dual perspective of the story.

Saga Anderson’s Chapters:

  • Return 0: The Cult
  • Return 1: Invitation
  • Return 2: The Heart
  • Return 3: Local Girl
  • Return 4: No Chance
  • Return 5: Old Gods
  • Return 6: Scratch
  • Return 7: Summoning
  • Return 8: Deerfest
  • Return 9: Come Home

Alan Wake’s Chapters:

  • Initiation 1: Late Night
  • Initiation 2: Casey
  • Initiation 3: Haunting
  • Initiation 4: We Sing
  • Initiation 5: Room 665
  • Initiation 6: Return
  • Initiation 7: Masks
  • Initiation 8: Zane’s Film
  • Initiation 9: Gone

Alan Wake 2 is chapter-based but adopts a semi-open world approach, providing a unique blend of linearity and exploration. The game doesn’t offer a Chapter Select feature. It’s advised to manually save your progress in alternating slots to ensure you can revert to a previous point if necessary.

Alan’s narrative primarily unfolds in The Dark Place, an enigmatic and haunting realm that players are familiar with. On the other hand, Saga Anderson’s story unravels in Bright Falls and its neighboring regions, revealing the town’s deep-seated mysteries. While in-game trophies might indicate the end of a chapter, the true end of a chapter is determined by reaching the starting location of the next chapter.

Best order to play the chapters for Alan Wake 2

Start the game by playing through the first 5 chapters in a linear sequence: begin with Saga’s chapters, “Return 1” and “Return 2”, followed by Alan’s “Initiation 1” through “Initiation 3”. Once you complete “Initiation 3: Haunting” you’ll have the ability to switch between the two main characters, Saga and Alan, using the Break Rooms. This feature lets you decide whose story you want to progress with until you reach the “Point of No Return”. At this juncture, players are prompted to save their progress. Progressing further might lock out some past choices or collectibles.

For Alan, his Point of No Return happens during “Initiation 8: Zane’s Film”. However, the game doesn’t explicitly alert you, you’ll be seamlessly transitioned back to Saga’s storyline without warning. To pick up Alan’s narrative again, you must first progress past Saga’s Point of No Return which happens during “Return 6: Scratch”. If you’ve missed any items or objectives, you should use your manual save from before the Point of No Return. After these, you can progress through the remaining chapters for both characters.

Completing all these missions promises to be a rich experience, with many twists and turns to anticipate. Alan Wake 2 also offers additional content and a New Game Plus mode to further immerse and challenge players. Whether you’re a veteran of the series or a newcomer, Alan Wake 2 promises a hauntingly memorable journey.