Alan Wake 2: How to Find All Maps

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You’re going to need the maps in Alan Wake 2 in order to avoid getting lost. It’s easy to run in circles in this sequel as the environments are bigger and offer a lot of hidden collectibles. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all maps in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find All Maps

There are 11 maps to find in Alan Wake 2. They’re usually posted on boards or signposts which you can find shortly after entering a new area. Here’s where you can find all Alan Wake 2 maps:

Cauldron Lake Map

The Cauldron Lake map is right in front of you the first time you play as Saga in Return 1: Invitation. It’s just right next to FBI special agent Casey. Both Saga and Casey will mention how important it is to look at the map first. The Cauldron Lake map covers the entire area however some areas are closed off for now due to flooding or needing the Boltcutters to get past the chained locks. Picking the Cauldron Lake map counts as your first which unlocks Nightmare Territory trophy.

Bright Falls Map

The Bright Falls map is outside the Oh Deer Diner in the small town of Bright Falls. It’s on the wall to the side next to the payphone. You’ll head here in Return 1: Invitation after investigating Nightingale’s murder scene. It’s not the only place you can find a map though as the Bright Falls map is also available across of the Elderwood Palace Lodge near the ticket booth.

Sheriff’s Station Map

You can find the Sheriff’s Station map in Return 1: Invitation. After your time at Cauldron Lake, you’ll go to the Sheriff’s Station to perform an autopsy on Nightingale’s corpse. You can pick up this map as soon as you enter the station by going behind the reception desk.

Talk Show Studio Map

The Talk Show Studio map can be found in Initiation 1: Late Night. During your second attempt to escape the studio, you’ll be able to enter the cafeteria for the first time. On the hall to the left with the red exit sign, you can pick up this map. It’s right next to the janitor’s room.

The Dark Place Map

You can get the Dark Place map in Initiation 1: Late Night. After you exit the Talk Show Studio, look to the left side of one of the ringing phones. Considering how vast and often nonsensical the Dark Place is, you’ll want to get this map as early as possible.

Subway Map

The map is on the wall next to the break room where you can save your game. You can pick this up in Initiation 2: Casey right when you descend into the subway with some displaced train cars.

Watery Map

You can find the map inside the Suomi Hall to the left of the entrance. The first time you can pick this up is in Return 3: Local Girl. You’ll hear some Swedish singing the moment you enter the Suomi Hall building for the first time.

Oceanview Hotel Map

You’ll be able to get the Oceanview Hotel map in Initiation 5: Room 665. After descending down the elevator, go behind the reception counter in the entrance hall. You’ll see it posted on the wall.

Valhalla Nursing Home

You can get the Valhalla Nursing Home map in Return 5: Old Gods. Once you’re let into the nursing home, go to the first room on the right from the entrance. The map is behind the desk on the board.

Wellness Center Map

You can get this map in Return 5: Old Gods. Once you’re let into the Wellness Center from the Valhalla Nursing Home, look to the left before entering the reception hall. The map is on the board.

Poet’s Cinema Map

You can get this map in Initiation 8: Zane’s Film. Once you enter the Poet’s Cinema, go behind the counter where they sell popcorn and into the Staff Only room. It’s on the board to your right. You should pick it up before using the Plot Board to change the environment as it closes the Staff Only room behind the counter.