Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide: All Giants in the Earth Intel Locations

The Giants in the Earth campaign showcases the biggest area of all maps in Aliens: Fireteam Elite as LV-895 features the ancient ruins of the Engineers. Unlike Katanga, LV-895 puts you in an open map area where it can be tedious to look for hidden Intels. As part of our Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide, here is where you find all the hidden intels in the Giants in the Earth missions:

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Giants in the Earth All Intel Locations

Giants in the Earth Mission #1: Insertion

Intel: Empty Can of Aspen

During the beginning of the mission, you will face waves of Xenos and after that, you should see a corporate tent at the right with tons of Weyland-Yutani crates inside. Approach the supply tent and you should see a can beside a pair of headphones.

Intel: Colonial Protection Act of 2187

As you get to the area where the ruins are flooded with water, Xenos immediately swarms in. After you’ve cleared the map, go to the farthest right you will see white Weyland-Yutani crates and on top of one of those boxes, you will see a red handheld device.

Intel: Pilot’s Cowboy Hat

This Intel is cleverly hidden. After you’ve finished the last wave of Xenos across the bridge heading towards the mission’s exit, you will see a Weyland-Yutani ship with busted synths to the left. Make sure you attempt to go to the farthest side of the ship where you can see alien cages, crates, and destroyed synth. There should be a blue round table with a cowboy’s hat.

Giants in the Earth Mission #2: Contact


As you find your way to an archaeology site with a huge headstone of an Engineer in the middle, head towards the maintenance table right beside what seems to be a well. On top of one of the Weyland-Yutani crates, you will find a red handheld device.

Intel: The Frontier War

You will find this in a very tight space. When you get to see a big sphere in one of the narrow corridors where Esther talks about how old the ruins are, you will spot Weyland-Yutani crates to the right. Head towards the crates and there you will find a maintenance table with yet another red handheld device.

Intel: Welyand-Yutani Ball Cap

This Intel is found in the last area where you need to survive from waves of Synth soldiers and Xenos. Before you start the final battle, you need to go to the other side of the platform. The only way for you to go there is to go around the farthest middle of the area then head towards the end of the other platform. You will see a destroyed Synth and a baseball cap.

Giants in the Earth Mission #3: Evacuation

Intel: Hoenikker’s Signed NDA

After you pass through the room full of huge Engineer headstones, you will go through a narrow corridor leading to an area filled with combat Synths. Just after you finish all of them, it’s best you find the hidden Intel before you overload the terminal with a Synth core.

The Hoenikker’s Signed NDA intel is located in the lower floor section of the map that’s filled with spotlights and Weyland-Yutani crates.

Intel: Rodriguez’s Badge

Another easy hidden Intel to find. When you get across the room filled with Worker Synths, Rodriguez’s badge is found at the left side inside a supply tent full of Weyland-Yutani crates.

Intel: Server Panel

Now the Server Panel is hidden in plain sight. Since you’re going to be caught up in the last huge battle against the Synths, you’d barely think that an Intel is hidden in the last area. It’s located beneath the first platform to the left.