Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide: All Priority One Intel Locations

With the lack of an area map, it’s difficult to find all the hidden Intels scattered across the area in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. In the Priority One campaign, you’re given three missions to complete, with each having three hidden Intels to find. I have created an Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide to help you marines out!

Priority One Mission #1: Ingress

Intel: Katanga Flight Recorder (Log 1)

Just after you get to the corridor leading to Dr. Hoenikker’s location, you will see a pathway to the left. Head there before you progress the mission, and by the end of the corridor looking at the left side and you will find a yellow box beside a red box that looks like a recorder. Approach the red box and you will be able to pick up the Katanga Flight Recorder intel.

Intel: Dead Facehugger (Log 2)

Before you fire up the engines and battle the very first waves of Xenos right outside the initial Central Core door, you need to go to the other side of the engine room. If you’re facing the computer that starts up the sequence, head down the stairs located to the left. By the end of the area, you will see a door leading to the Bashi Tower, you will immediately notice a dead facehugger on the floor.

Intel: Colonial Indenture Contract (Log 3)

When you’re heading your way to Deck 24, you will see a big red pipe to the left with an ammo crate beside it. You will have to face a couple of Xenos first before you can safely explore. After defeating waves of Xenos, there are stairs leading to the lower floor. You head down and move towards a couple of brown crates in the middle section of the area, face left and you will find a computer with flight sticks and there’s an orange folder that has the “Seegson” word on it. You will get a prompt to pick up the Colonial Indenture Contract.

Priority One Mission #2: Rescue

Intel: “Eye of Seegson” Magazine (Log 4)

At the very beginning of the mission, go towards the initial door leading you to the first corridor. You will initially fight some Xenos, but after that head towards the first room located to the left. Once you get inside, you see will a small round table in between two chairs to the left. You can immediately see the hidden intel called Eye of Seegson Magazine.

Intel: Liquid Replenishment Latex (Log 5)

Just before you decide to get past the door leading to Deck 41, you will initially get into a narrow corridor with a flight of stairs leading you down to the objective area. As you proceed, you will see two short hallways, one to the left and the other to the right. You may or may not see a Xenomorph Prowler lurking on the right side, so once you take that bastard down, get inside and in the farthest right, you will see a metallic bottle called the Liquid Replenishment Latex.

Intel: Seegson Maintenance Jack (Log 6)

You will be in a room where you can unlock the door to the server room. Before you activate that, head outside the room and head towards the left. You will see a table with the Seegson Maintenance Jack on it.

Priority One Mission #3: Extract

Intel: Hoenikker’s ID Badge (Log 7)

This one is fairly easy but easily missed. Just after you get out of the elevator at the beginning of the mission, immediately go to the back area of the elevator. You will see Hoenikker’s ID badge.

Intel: Cargo Manifest (Log 8)

Now this one isn’t located anywhere near the first few rooms and corridors. As you head up a flight of stairs as you’re own way to the Hangar for extraction, you pass through a door, and directly in front of you, you can see “Beltway”. And when you look at the left side you will see a blocked pathway. Head down one platform you will see at the right the manifest papers on a black clipboard on top of what seems to be like a grey fire hydrant.

Intel: “Cracked Rooks” Squadron Cap (Log 9)

The last Intel is located after you get past the door to the hangar. As you face left, don’t immediately head towards the craft but you will see a crate with a cap sitting on it.