Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide: All The Gift of Fire Intel Locations

You are back in LV-895 again on Aliens: Fireteam Elite, and this time your fireteam will go deep within the ruins to discover an anomaly after defeating SN/TH/YA. But there are still hidden Intels waiting to be discovered. As part of our Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide, here is a full walkthrough on where to find all hidden intels.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: The Gift of Fire All Intel Locations

The Gift of Fire Mission #1: Recon

Intel: 40th Marine Expeditionary Unit

At the beginning of the mission, immediately turn around and you will see a statue on a platform. Head to that and the computer beside it is the intel.

Intel: Unexplained Universe

This hidden Intel is easy to spot. After you get into the room to scan the next glyphs for Esther to analyze, by the far end of the room look to the right, you can see a ramp with a generator and you can see a magazine laying on top of it.

Intel: Empty Pathogen Ampule

Another easy hidden Intel to find. Once you get into a circular room with a big Engineer headstone, simply explore the back area of the room and you will find an open Pathogen ampule beside a handheld device.

The Gift of Fire Mission #2

Intel: Scientist’s Notepad with Glyphs

In an Engineer facility, it’s tricky exploring every area without getting lost if you’re looking for hidden Intels. At some point in the mission, you will pass through a pathway where you can see a standing light at the left after you’ve faced the second instance of incoming Xeno waves (refer to the screenshot above). You will find a black folder on top of a Weyland-Yutani crate.

Intel: Gateway Station

Even Esther has a hard time describing the Engineer’s ship’s abstract and unorthodox design. The moment when you go through a narrow corridor, Esther will start to talk about how she fears that she could only extract a local layout, this is the cue to know the area you’re going into will have a hidden Intel. You will immediately notice the platform to the right, go around it and you will see a way to get on top of the platform. You will spot a workstation with a red handheld device.

Intel: Dead Popper

This is gotta be the hardest Intel to find, so if you’re looking for the last Intel here’s how to find it. Just before you head into the final area where the game asks you to Regroup on Platform, the final Intel is hidden at the far left of the map (refer to the screenshot for details). The dead Pathogen mutant is hidden within the shadows, making it difficult for players to spot.

The Gift of Fire Mission #3: Evacuation

Intel: Strange Helmet

Aboard the Engineer’s ship, you will eventually explore an area that seems to look like a control room. Then Intel is hidden to the right where you can find an Engineer’s helmet placed on a chair.

Intel: Severed Tentacle

In the area where you faced the first Pathogen mutant with cloaking abilities, you head down the ramp and turn left. You will see the only control terminal in the area, go behind it and you will see a severed tentacle on the floor.

Intel: Control Flute

Remember the ship’s main bridge that holds a large telescope from the Alien and Prometheus films? If you do, the final hidden Intel is in this area. You simply go to the main control terminal and you will find the Control Flute.