Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide: All The Only Way to be Sure Intel Locations

We’re back in Katanga to finally exterminate the infestation. But that does not mean there are no hidden intels because there are! As part of our Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide, here are all the hidden intels in The Only Way to be Sure campaign:

Aliens Fireteam Elite: The Only Way to be Sure All Intel Locations

The Only Way to be Sure Mission #1: Breach

Intel: Armat Weapons

In the area where you have to defend two sides with automated turrets, you head to the middle and there should be a green weapon cache hidden there.

Intel: UA Centennial Poster

In another location filled with crates that look like a cargo hold where you have to defend waves of Xenos, you go to the left. You should see a table that has a whitepaper and a colored triangular symbol that looks like a paper plane.

Intel: Salivary Gland from a Xenomorph Spitter

Just when you arrive at the nest’s entrance, go to the farthest right and there should be a small corridor. You should be able to find a green-like alien-ish goo, which seems to be the Xenomorph’s Spitter’s salivary gland.

The Only Way to be Sure Mission #2: Search

Intel: Partially Dissolved Helmet

After entering the door from Deck 28, and shortly after fighting a prowler hiding in the shadows of this infested corridor, just head straight towards a dead end, past the entrance to your next waypoint. There you’ll find atop 2 metal crates  on the left an overturned helmet.

Intel: Hyperdyne Weapons Catalogue

After going down a long flight of stairs, 1 floor above your next waypoint, in front of the door to Deck 26 there is a room to the left where you’ll find a black folder with the word “Hyperdyne” and a logo shaped liked a pistol.

Intel: Union of Progressive Peoples

After enduring the narrow corridor riddled with facehuggers on Deck 25, near a door that says LIKASI TOWER, Bulk Fractioning Sector E, on the corner beside the stairwell you’ll find 2 barrels. On top of it is a tiny red console which is the last intel you’ll gather on this mission.  

The Only Way To Be Sure Mission #3: Regicide

Intel: Drone Shedding

After entering Deck 2 in the refinery where you re-arm and gather aid kits, go up two flights of stairs. At the top just beside the balustrade, look closely in the dark and you’ll find what appears to be remnants of a Xenomorph molting.

Intel: Three World Empire

After exiting Deck 2 and reaching your next ammo box, you’ll have a short encounter with a Xenomorph Drone. A ramp will lead you to a more infested area of the refinery. Just right inside the entrance of the cavern, you’ll find 3 crates stacked to the left. On top of one, there’s a tiny camo green console that you have to pick up for the next intel.

Intel: Corporal Shipp’s Dog Tags

In a clearing in the middle of the heart of the hive, you’ll find an area next to an exit in Deck 1 where military crates are gathered. There’s you’ll find an important piece of intel that leaves you asking why is it even there? This intel is curiously named. A dossier report is a file that compiles information to provide a more thorough report of a person’s background. Here lies a folder and a dog tag for Corp. Shipp.