Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide: All UAS Endeavor Intel Locations

Intels are well hidden in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. They provide interesting details about it and even expound on the existing stories of the Alien universe. There is no map to guide to rely on other than your witts in exploration. And in the game’s central hub, there are three hidden Intels you can find in the UAS Endeavor. As part of our Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide, here is how you find all Intels in the UAS Endeavor.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: UAS Endeavor All Intel Locations

Intel: UAS Endeavor Plaque (Log 1)

The moment you head out of the spawn location in the UAS Endeavor, you will see a flight of straights to the left. You head to the upper deck where you can see Colonel Shipp standing in between two marines to the right and Corporal Savane at the far side of the room. By the entrance door, look to your left and you will see a silver metal plaque with the UAS Endeavor name. Approach it and you will be able to pick up the first Intel.

Intel: UACM Banner (Log 2)

This Intel was easy to miss as it’s located at the farthest end of the hangar. You can see the orange ammo crate in front of you once you get to that point of the area, and there are two orange standees at the back of the ammo crate. You go past that point and you will see the UACM banner.

Intel: Fulminium (Log 3)

There are 3 small hangar bays located to the right of the Armory entrance. As you might have noticed, the Caterpillar Power Loader is in Bay 1. It’s a nice easter egg and tribute to James Cameron’s Aliens (1986). Ellen Ripley used the power loader to face the Xenomorph Queen in the film. Enough of the Aliens history check, and let’s go and find that hidden Intel!

Head to Bay 2, you will notice that it’s closed but just right outside the bay door, you will see a silver cache. Go to it and you will be able to pick up the Fulminium Intel.