All Animal Locations in Jungle Level LEGO Bricktales

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There are plenty of animals that can be collected within the Jungle level of LEGO Bricktales and while some can be spotted easily, others require more efforts in searching and some specialized skills in order to obtain them.

In this guide, we will talk about where to find all the animal collectibles in the Jungle level in LEGO Bricktales.

Jungle Animal Locations

In the Jungle level, there are a total of 20 animals to be collected. 10 of them can be found within the first run through the level, while the other 10 will require a revisit once the necessary tools or abilities to reach them have been acquired.

In the Jungle, you will find four (4) of each type of animal, with the Chameleon as the main animal for the level needed by the Passionate Biologist.

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  • Chameleon – by the stairs to Build #3: Support.
  • Hermit Crab – behind the bamboo by the Snake Statue.
  • Ladybug – behind the bamboo near Build #1: Stairs.
  • Hermit Crab – near the Base Camp.
  • Bird – near the Monkey Statues.
  • Hermit Crab – past the Monkey Statues, small path towards northeast beside the treasure chest.
  • Rabbit – behind the Fearful Journalist.
  • Ladybug – southwest of the Fearful Journalist.
  • Bird – by the zipline.
  • Chameleon – in the area where the Daring Pilot was found, turn right through the doorway before climbing any ladders.

Repeat Run Jungle Animal Collectibles

These are animals that can only be obtained when you have unlocked the advanced skills. You can revisit the level and use your new skills to find the other animals.

  • Rabbit – requires Dimension, Water, and Electricity skills; at the starting point near the Whip ledge, reveal the teleport pad. Cross the bridge to the other side and clean the dirt off a pad near the base of the stairs. Head back to the teleport pad and use Electricity to go underground. Head to the left pad and use Electricity again to reach the rabbit.
  • Chameleon – Same path as the previous rabbit, but head to the right path and use the teleport pad to reach the chameleon.
  • Chameleon – requires the Water skill; clean the mound of dirt near the Base Camp.
  • Ladybug – requires the Water skill; past the door from the Monkey’s Tail puzzle, clean the mound of dirt near the entrance.
  • Rabbit – requires the Electricity skill; past the door from the Monkey’s Tail puzzle, head to the path to the right and wrap around the map until you find a teleport pad. Use it to reach the rabbit.
  • Bird – requires the Dimension, Electricity, and Hover skill; same route as the previous rabbit, continue forward and use the Dimension to reveal the hover rails. Use the Hover skill to reach the bird.
  • Bird – requires the Dimension and Hover skill; past the door of the first Monkey Statue puzzle, enter the room on the right side to go up. Head northwest a bit and use the Dimension to reveal a rail, then use the Hover skill to reach the bird.
  • Rabbit – requires the Water skill; on the first Monkey Statue puzzle, continue towards the doorway. Use the ladders inside to climb up and exit back into the previous area. Clean the mound of dirt nearby to release the rabbit.
  • Ladybug – requires the Electricity skill; same route as the previous rabbit, head towards the niche that holds a teleport pad in it. Use it to jump to the east side of the map. Use your whip to climb up and follow the path to the back.
  • Hermit Crab – requires the Hover skill; at the base of the zipline, follow the path towards northeast until you see a rail. Use the Hover skill to reach the hermit crab.

LEGO Bricktales is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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