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All Goose Goose Duck roles and what they do.

Roles in Goose Goose Duck featured

One thing that this game does special from its competitors is the amount of roles in Goose Goose Duck that always spices up each game. What role you get will dramatically make your experience different as you’ll be planning how to get the best possible result against other players. It’s important to know all the roles in Goose Goose Duck so you’ll be aware when someone is trying to pull a fast one on you.

Goose Goose Duck has basic and special roles. This guide will explain each of the roles in the game and what they do.

Goose Goose Duck Basic Roles

  • Goose: You’re a Goose who’s constantly vigilant about any potential Ducks in the flock pretending to be a Goose. Your goal is to vote out the Duck in the party or complete all the tasks you’re assigned.
  • Duck: You’re a Duck who wants to kill all the Geese but is pretending to be one. Your goal is to eliminate the Geese players without getting voted out and you can sabotage attempts to finish their tasks.

The Goose and the Duck are the two basic roles in Goose Goose Duck. This multiplayer social deduction game drops you into a lobby of up to 16 players where players constantly have to suspect which is which.

Goose Goose Duck Special Roles

You can join a lobby with expanded roles in Goose Goose Duck which puts you into special roles. These roles spice up a regular game by assigning you a special ability depending on the role.

Here are all the special roles in Goose Goose Duck:

Goose Roles

  • Astral: You can project your spirit through walls.
  • Avenger: You can kill upon witnessing murder.
  • Birdwatcher: You have can see through walls but have a limited regular vision.
  • Bodyguard: You will be assigned to protect a player in the game and can stand in between them and the Duck to die instead and gain a bonus.
  • Canadian: Your killer will auto-report after a short delay.
  • Celebrity: All other Geese will be alerted upon your death.
  • Detective: You’re able to check once to see if any player has killed anyone.
  • Engineer: Have the abilities of the Mechanic and Technician.
  • Esper: Can prevent sabotages from happening but will reveal your location.
  • Gravy: You will earn a higher bounty as you complete tasks and earn that bounty by winning but dying to a Duck gives them the bounty you’ve collected.
  • Locksmith: Can open the jail door.
  • Lover: Will win the game if you and your lover survive, both die if one dies.
  • Medium: You can see the amount of Ghosts anytime.
  • Mechanic: You can use vents like Ducks can.
  • Mimic: You will be seen as Ducks by other Ducks but an still be killed.
  • Mortician: Examine dead corpses to see their role.
  • Politician: Voting ties results in a win and you cannot be sent to jail.
  • Sheriff: You can kill any player but you will die if you kill another Goose.
  • Snoop: You can hide using certain parts of the map.
  • Technician: You have approximate detection of where sabotages take place.
  • Vigilante: You can kill a single player without consequence.
  • Villager: Available in Vampire mode only, you can kill thralls but you have to vote out the original Duck to win.

Neutral Roles

  • Dodo: You are assigned to get voted out by other players and win upon doing so.
  • Falcon: You will win if you are the last survivor in the game but cannot vote.
  • Pigeon: You are assigned to infect all players before a meeting is called.
  • Vulture: You are assigned to eat the corpses of Geese.

Duck Roles

  • Assassin: You can kill players by guessing their roles when in a meeting twice in a game but will die if you guessed wrong.
  • Cannibal: Eat dead Geese to remove evidence.
  • Demolitionist: Plant bombs in other players.
  • Hitman: Assigned a specific player to kill for a bonus.
  • Identity Thief: Robs a players identity after killing them until meeting.
  • Invisibility: Temporarily turn invisible.
  • Morphling: Morph into another player.
  • Mummy: Kill everyone as a mummy.
  • Ninja: Kill two people who are close in a short period of time.
  • Party: Give other players a high-pitched voice when in meetings.
  • Professional: Cannot report corpses but Geese players cannot see your kills and will automatically report them upon being nearby.
  • Serial Killer: Kill an assigned target to decrease cooldown but killing another player will increase it.
  • Silencer: Mute other players in meetings.
  • Snitch: You can put another player in jail if you’re the only one who voted for them.
  • Spy: You can see another player’s role if you’re the only one who voted for them.
  • Undertaker: You can drag bodies to hide them.
  • Vampire: Available only in Vampire mode, bite players to kill them after a short delay.

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