Amnesia: The Bunker – All Map Part Locations

This guide will detail all map part locations in Amnesia: The Bunker, along with a complete walkthrough on how to obtain them.

Amnesia The Bunker Map Part locations featured

Amnesia: The Bunker gives you a large, confusing maze to explore, which can be difficult to navigate without the map parts. The titular bunker is very easy to get lost in, with many hallways, locked rooms, and blocked areas, so having the full map can really be useful. You’re given the chance to look for map parts that give you a whole view of the location. Use this guide to learn where to find all the map part locations in Amnesia: The Bunker.

All Map Part Locations

There are 5 map parts in Amnesia: The Bunker, and they each reveal a part of the whole area. Here’s where you can find all the map parts:

  • Central Bunker/Office Quarters: Administration Office
  • Soldier Quarters: Clerk’s Office
  • Maintenance: Clerk’s Office
  • Prison: Processing
  • Arsenal: Clerk’s Office

Central Bunker/Office Quarters Map Part

Central Bunker/Office Quarters Map Part location

The first map part (Office Quarters) you’ll find in the game is right after entering the Administration Office, which acts as your save location and the place where you fill up the generator with gasoline. The map part is right in front of the lamp in the middle of the room, which gives you an overview of the Central Bunker and Office Quarters.

You’ll reach the Administration Office shortly after waking up at the start of the game and finding the wounded soldier who gives you the service revolver. Once you take the bullets from the cupboard, you’ll be running for the Administration Office which is a short jog away because the lights go out.

Soldier Quarters Map Part

Soldier Quarters Map Part location

The Soldier Quarters map part can be obtained from the Clerk’s Office, which is the first room you’ll come across in the area. Descend down the staircase from the Central Bunker into the Soldier Quarters, and you’ll see the Clerk’s Office once you reach the bottom.

The door to the Clerk’s Office is locked, and there’s no key to open it. You’ll have to destroy the wooden door by using explosives or throwing a brick at it. If you’ve already found the shotgun, you can use it to blast the door open, but we wouldn’t recommend it since ammunition for that is scarce. Here’s the dangerous part: this will make noise, and the monster might come out to hunt you. If the lights are flickering, that means the monster is out of the hole and is nearby. Once it’s open, interact with the map part on the wall of the Clerk’s Office, and it’ll automatically be added to the bigger map in Administration.

Maintenance Map Part

Maintenance Map Part location

The Maintenance map part can be obtained from the Clerk’s Office, which is the first room on the right once you go past the Officer’s Quarters. The room is barricaded, with the warning “RATS KEEP OUT” written on the boards. You’ll have to pry these off before you can enter the room.

While the door to this room itself isn’t locked like the other Clerk Offices, it may be booby trapped, which can either fatally hurt you or make a loud noise that will attract the monster. You can take extra care by cutting off tripwires using the cutters found in the prison area.

Prison Map Part

Prison Map Part location

The Prison map part can be found in Processing, which is the first room on the left once you enter the prison from the Central Bunker. The door to the Processing room is blocked, however, and you need to destroy it with either a brick or explosives. Once you’ve knocked it down, you can pick up the map from the wall.

Arsenal Map Part

Arsenal Map Part location

The Arsenal map part can be found in the Clerk’s Office, which is the room to your right the moment you enter the area. Like the other Clerk Offices, this one is locked so you’ll have to destroy it with explosives or bricks to get past it. The map can be picked up from the wall, and it’ll automatically be added to the save room in the Central Bunker, which shows you all the rooms in Arsenal.