Amnesia: The Bunker Arsenal Walkthrough

This guide will go through the Arsenal section in Amnesia: The Bunker and share the mission objectives and locations of the key items and collectibles.

Amnesia The Bunker Arsenal cover

The Arsenal is the southern area of Amnesia: The Bunker. Henri needs to get some dynamite sticks to blow the debris from his only way out, but they’re locked behind the Explosives Storage in the Arsenal. Read ahead as we go through the Arsenal area in Amnesia: The Bunker and share some tips along with the locations of the key items in the area.

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Amnesia: The Bunker Arsenal Walkthrough

Amnesia: The Bunker Arsenal Walkthrough

After getting the code from the Communications room, travel back to Administration for a quick stop, then head south to Arsenal. You will arrive at the Munitions Storage and the first room that you see on the right is the Clerk’s Office, where you can find the Arsenal map and Arsenal Photo #1. Back in the main room, you will see a collapsed pathway that leads to the Roman Tunnels that you will explore later on. There’s also another path that leads to the Storage Areas.

In the next door up ahead, check the corpse for a dog tag. You will then find a locked door that needs a code. Use the code that you got from the radio to open the lock. You can then access the Storage Areas which are large rooms that are infested with rats. Prepare some torches as you explore the place. There’s one dog tag near the back of Storage Area A that you can get after scaring the rats away.

If you need to cross over to Storage Area B, look for the boarded-up sections and pry off the planks to make yourself a path through the shelves. You will also have to climb on top of barrels to get over fallen shelves.

Exit Storage Area B through its other pathway, and you will find a room to your right, which is the Supply Closet. You may find a bag in here.

Finally, check the other gate nearby, where you can get the sticks of Dynamite. Take these with you and bring them over to the exit to set them up for the explosion.

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