Amnesia: The Bunker – How to Get the Bolt Cutters

The Bolt Cutters is an essential tool you can use in Amnesia: The Bunker, and this guide will teach you how to easily get it in the bunker.

Amnesia The Bunker - How to Get the Cutters featured

There are some important locations in Amnesia: The Bunker that are chained up, and you need the bolt cutters to get through. Having certain tools is crucial to being able to get past obstacles, and the bolt cutters is one of those tools that you’ll find absolutely essential. Use this guide to find out where you can get the bolt cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker.

How to get the Bolt Cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker?

You can get the bolt cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker by picking them up in the prison area inside the cell where a German soldier is being kept prisoner. The door to his cell is locked, and you’ll need to get to the Warden’s Office to open it.

The Warden’s Office is unfortunately locked, and the only way inside is through the vents. You’ll need a wrench to open them, which you can find inside a locker at the Mission Storage area. Once you have the wrench, go back to the prison area where the German soldier is and break the wooden door to the right of the cells. There is a brick in front of the Warden’s Office in the hallway where the cells are. Be careful of the noise it generates, as it might attract the monster. You might consider running immediately after the door breaks.

Get inside the Warden's Office

Once you’re inside, there’s a vent to the right that you can use the wrench on to get in. You’ll find yourself inside the Warden’s Office, which also acts as a safe room to record your progress. Inside the Warden’s Office, use the cell door controls to open the cell where the German prisoner is being kept, which is the third door to the right cell block.

Open the Cell Door

Once you do this, there’s a high chance of the monster coming out to investigate because of the noise the German prisoner makes. You can wait it out in the Warden’s Office until it goes away. Be sure to hide in the corner of the room because the monster will see you after it’s done with the German prisoner. Even if it can’t get in the locked door, it will come in through the vent you used the wrench on, which leaves you very vulnerable.

After the monster is gone, you can head outside of the Warden’s Office to pick up the bolt cutters. This lets you cut chains in the bunker, allowing you access inside rooms and other containers. Acquiring the bolt cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker also gets you the Toolist achievement.

Shoot the monster

You can choose to save the German soldier if you’re quick enough, but this puts you at risk. It will give you the Life Preserver achievement if you can manage to do so. But you’ll have to be very quick with the cell lock controls.

That’s how to get the bolt cutters in Amnesia: The Bunker.