Amnesia The Bunker Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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Amnesia The Bunker is the latest game in the Amnesia series. What sets this game apart from previous titles is its inclusion of an open-world map and ever-changing variables that make every playthrough very different from the last. And did we mention that combat is part of the game too? Well, it is. Take that for what it is.

In this Amnesia The Bunker trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the Platinum trophy for the first-person horror title. Before we continue, please note that many of the collectibles and access codes change locations per playthrough. We have no way of knowing where they exactly are until we know all possible spawn locations.

There are 42 trophies to collect in total:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 3 Gold trophies
  • 8 Silver trophies
  • 30 Bronze trophies

Amnesia The Bunker Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Croix de Guerre: Collected all the other trophies

Gold trophies

  • Toot Sweet: Completed the game faster than all developers at Frictional
  • Got It In One: Completed the game without saving
  • Efficiency Expert: Never dropped nor stored an item

Silver trophies

  • Napoo: Finished the game
  • Librarian: Retrieved every note
  • Codebreaker: Opened all the lockers
  • Pack Rat: Found all pocket bags
  • Life Preserver: Got the cutters and locked the cell again without the German Prisoner dying
  • Canonnier: Acquired the shotgun
  • Beast Master: Sent the beast back into the screaming darkness
  • Toy Fanatic: Re-acquired the rabbit doll

Bronze trophies

  • Enlisted: Fouind the Administrator’s office
  • Gave the All Clear: Released the emergency lockdown
  • Signalman: Heard the message on the radio
  • Toolist: Found the Cutters
  • Memorialist: Retrieved the Foreman’s dog tag
  • Munitions Expert: Found the Dynamite
  • Explosives Technician: Found the detonator handle
  • Nope, c’est trop!: Quit the game right as things got interesting
  • Cartographer: Found all the maps
  • Easy Breather: Acquired the gas mask
  • Flint & Steel: Acquired the lighter
  • Chaplain: Discovered the beast’s nest in the chapel
  • Toy Collector: Acquired the rabbit doll
  • Pit Master: Burnt a corpse to a nice char
  • Trickster: Hurt the beast by triggering a trap
  • Saboteur: Blew up a door with a barrel
  • Culinary Specialist: Used meat to lure rats away from a corpse
  • Arsonist: Lit up a fuel puddle
  • Chemical Weapon Expert: Use gas on the beast
  • Tinkerer: Disarmed a trap
  • Sentimentalist: Showed the beast the bunny
  • Scarper: Escaped the bunker
  • Roastmaster: Burnt a lot of dead bodies
  • Cleithrophobist: Opened every vent and cut every chain
  • Improviser: Blew open a door with a shotgun
  • Ratter: Blasted a rat with a shotgun
  • Cut It Off: Blocked the beast’s path out of a hole
  • Extreme Ratter: Blew up lots of rats with a single grenade
  • Got Introduced: Survived first encounter with the beast
  • Shell Shocked: Shot at the visions in the tunnels

The Platinum trophy run for Amnesia the Bunker is a meticulous process. You will be asked to do multiple playthroughs. The Gold trophies in the game: Got It in One, Efficiency Expert and Toot Sweet asks players to complete the game without saving, never dropping an item, and speed-running the entire game. While it is possible to do most of the trophies on your first run but you will not be able to speed run the game while collecting all the items in the game.

On your first run, we recommend you play the game in Easy mode. This is the best way to get all the collectibles and complete all the combat challenges. It is also possible to get the Efficiency Expert Gold trophy early as the Beast won’t be hunting you as often and you won’t be at risk of dying so often.

Once you have the lay of the land, it will be time to get the other gold trophies for not saving and speed-running the game. It may sound intimidating but the truth is that the game is short, especially on subsequent playthroughs. But even so, it is in your best interest to play the game stealthfully and decisively. Get all the key items and ignore everything else if you can help it.

There are several trophies in the game that require you to collect a host of items. The Librarian and Codebreaker Silver trophies are tied to each of them. There are 52 notes to collect and they are scattered to every corner of the Bunker. A fair number of them can be picked up off the ground, there are some that require the cutters and the wrench to access. There are 11 lockers in the game in total. The codes are on dog tags, of which there are 20 of them. As far as we can tell, the locations of the dog tags do not change, the names and codes to unlock the locker do.

And finally, a number of trophies are tied to an item called the Rabbit Doll. It can be found in the Roman Tunnels at the center of a crater. The item can be used to distract the Beast. Doing so will allow you to unlock the Sentimentalist and Toy Fanatic trophies. It is also possible to use the doll to distract the Beast once more to unlock the Beast Master Silver trophy.

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And that’s everything we have right now on getting the Platinum trophy for Amnesia the Bunker. All in all, the trophy run is quite reasonable. You can do entire playthroughs of the game on Easy mode to speed things up. Or you can decide to challenge yourself with a no-mistake run at the hardest difficulty. The choice is up to you. Till next time, trophy hunters.

Check out this video walkthrough from YouTuber Shirrako showcasing an entire playthrough of Amnesia the Bunker from start to finish.

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