Apex Legends Cross-Progression Happening Next Year

Respawn Entertainment also shared details about level cap increase.

apex legends emergence seer

Game studio Respawn Entertainment recently shared new details about Apex Legends cross-progression feature and more.

These new details come from a recent Reddit AMA by Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney. He shared when cross-progression will be implemented in the game. Team Director Steve Ferreira also stated something about level cap increase and more.

According to Rigney, the Apex Legends cross-progression feature will be released next year since it is quite a problem to solve. He said that there are many challenges ahead of them like technicalities, legal and contractual issues to navigate, and more. They are committed to getting this done by next year though.

Ferreira then shared that the level cap will be increased later, but this will be done in a few phases. They want to straight-up increase the cap with some small changes, but they also want to “future proof” it with some of the other progression mechanics they are currently developing. Thing is, these are not ready yet, so it will take more time to get this implemented.

In the meantime, the latest season of Apex Legends titled Emergence has already started with a new Legend named Seer dominating the outlands.

Apex Legends is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.