Apex Legends – Gun Charm Confirms Forge To Be Dead

It’s always sad to see a star be taken out before it even had a chance to shine. Forge, the supposed latest legend to be joining Apex, is now dead. Killed by Revenant--the actual newest Legend to join the Apex roster.

In the newest short released by Respawn, we see a fictional interview with Forge. The former MMA champion to be the very first legend to ever have sponsorship. Towards the end of the interview, Revenant appears and stabs Forge in the back. The short then ends with a chilling scream. And that’s the end of it.

Check it out for yourself:

This is an obvious sign that Forge will not be playable at all in the coming season. But instead, Revenant will be taking his place. But many could still ask: “what happened to Forge?”

Well, the world of Titanfall may have advanced technology. And with that, presumably more advanced medical treatment. However, it seems that Respawn has confirmed that Forge is indeed dead. The gun charm you can get confirms it.

Photo courtesy of IGN

In the description, the gun charm mentions “Jimmy ‘Forge’ McCormick, Gone But Not Forgotten” once you take a look at it. The description all but confirms that the man is dead. Which is a damn shame for those actually looking forward to seeing Forge in action. However, if you also take a look at the description it makes mention of how Forge is “always imitated but never defeated” which is open to all sorts of interpretation.

So how do you get this charm, you ask? By playing Apex. You have a limited amount of time to get it before Season 4 starts. Go ahead and head to the “Sorting Factory” on World’s Edge. You’ll see an interview set with Forge’s deathbox right in front. In the deathbox, you’ll see the “Steel Cut” commemorative charm. Take it, and the gun charm is yours.

Photo Courtesy of IGN

Season 4 of Apex Legends is coming this February 4th. Get ready for another season and stay tuned for more news on Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment here at Sirus Gaming!

Source: IGN