Apex Legends Gets a Small Update Today Disabling Heat Shields in Certain Matches

Apex Legends Loba

Respawn Entertainment has released a small update for popular battle royale Apex Legends today.

The new update was released in order to rebalance the game a bit. The patch notes were posted on Respawn’s official Twitter account and came in three posts.

The first post detailed the change in matches. It will now be limited to 2 “no-fill” players per game. For now, this is going to be a temporary measure as it seems there are some issues that causes games to start with fewer than 60 players for some reason. They are currently fixing this issue.

Ranked and private matches will not have any Heat Shields for now and will be disabled until further notice. The developers are also trying to fix some bugs that are related to it by early next week. Ring Fury Stage 2 will be extended until Monday.

The old public Apex Tracker on Trello has been updated, which is a way for the gaming community to voice out their opinions. If they think it will be an important thing for them, then they could opt for a regular thing for this.

Apex Legends is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.