Apex Legends Mobile Official Release Window Confirmed

Pre-registration is now available on both mobile stores.

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed the Apex Legends Mobile official release window.

Players who have been looking forward to playing the mobile version of Apex Legends and were outside the select regions who could try it out first, can do so now, well at least this month. Respawn Entertainment has now announced the pre-registration for Apex Legends mobile and this signals its official launching for the rest of the world.

Players can pre-register to the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile starting today on Google Play and App Store. By pre-registering, it will be easier to log into the game when it comes out and all they would need to do is just download and install the app on their respective stores. Compared to other mobile games where they first come out on Android, this game comes out on both mobile devices.

The game will be released within this month, May 2022. No official specific day was given, but it should be in a couple of weeks.

Apex Legends Mobile will have exclusive features for mobile only like maps, Legends, and more. Unfortunately, the mobile version will not have crossplay feature, which means mobile version players cannot play with console or PC players.

Apex Legends Mobile launches on Android and iOS in May 2022.

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