Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Update Adds New Character

The Cold Snap has arrived!

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 update just added a new character who came from the original game.

The mobile version got its first season update and it was called the Cold Snap and it comes with a lot of content. This included the new Climatizer Town Takeover on the World’s Edge map, the new frosty grenade, and a Battle Pass. One of the highlights of the update is the addition of a fan favorite character from consoles and PC, which is Loba, now in mobile version.

Loba the Translocating Thief is now available as a playable character in Apex Legends Mobile and its newest addition to the roster. She is not just jumping to the mobile platforms, but she has legend progression perks that can be unlocked, which changes up her gameplay. One of the changes is her perks where she can steal player banners with ease.

To acquire Loba, players need to reach level 25 in the Season 1 Battle Pass. Buying the Battle Pass from the store can unlock her right away.

With the addition of Loba, this gives fans of the franchise hope that more Legends will get added to the roster in the future. Compared to the original Apex Legends on PC and consoles, the mobile version only had 10 Legends and one new character at launch. The addition of Loba gives fans hope that the classic characters will be joining up too.

apex legends mobile loba

Apex Legends Mobile is now playable on iOS and Android.

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