Arcadegeddon First to Utilize AMD’s FSR Feature on PS5

This new patch makes this AMD feature enabled and ready for the PS5 version.

Game developer Illfonic has recently released the official patch notes of video game Arcadegeddon and one of the prominent features include the FSR.

AMD’s new FidelityFX Super Resolution is something that could rival Nvidia’s software in terms of graphic prowess. This time around, it has been implemented on a PlayStation 5 game, which makes it the first one to utilize it.

FSR is a general upscaling technique and now it supports this game with the latest patch. The PC version also has this feature, which brings about some changes to the game. Here are the patch notes via the official forums:

Added AMD FSR 1.0

  • PS5 – Enabled AMD FSR 1.0 + TAAU Hybrid Upscaling by default
  • PC – Added upscaling options including AMD FSR 1.0 and TAAU

Balance Changes

  • Increased the Inflation time with the Pixel Popper on the Heavy Trooper
  • Adjusted the aggro and enemy target evaluation times on the Heavy Trooper to prevent them from trying to change targets too frequently

Bug Fixes

  • [PC]  Added a Max Framerate Options to the Video Settings
  • [PS5] Fixed an issue where PS+ was required for solo runs
  • Optimized texture streaming pool
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial challenge “Get into the Game” not being completed if done while in a party
    • For those in a broken state, initiate a run either solo or in a party and it should complete automatically when you get back to Gilly’s
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD requesting to Apply Changes in Settings when no changes have been made
  • Fixed an issue with Simulation Scores not being promoted to the appropriate Leaderboard when someone has left the run prior to the remaining team finishing the run
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD would not appear when loading into a Boss Fight
  • Fixed a general HUD data crash
  • Fixed a crash related to stuns from Shock Weapons and Electro Balls in Nerve Center
  • Fixed a crash related to burning and freeze status effects
  • Fixed a crash related to players taking damage
  • Fixed a crash related to  weapon data replication
  • Fixed a null targeting crash

Arcadegeddon is now available at Early Access for PS5 and PC.