Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Out Now on All Platforms

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

IllFonic has officially launched Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed today on all platforms.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. The game will have full crossplay support for all platforms. Get the game right now for only $39.99.

This is a 4v1 hunt or haunt action-packed video game where players take on the roles of the new generation of Ghostbusters or a ghost that is out for blood.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed introduces Ray and Winston opening the Firehouse to the new generation of Ghostbusters. This is an asymmetrical game of hide and seek with 4v1 setup where players will either play as part of a team of the new Ghostbusters or a single Ghost. It also allows players to enjoy the game with up to four friends. They enjoy an online or offline single-player mode with the help of AI assisted play. Play more to unravel more of the story.

The game has all of the iconic gear and gadgets like the Proton Packs, PKE Meters, Ghost Traps, and more. The Firehouse and Ray’s Occult Books will be the game’s hub. Players will be able to choose missions, customize characters, practice firing particle throwers, and explore everything. The original film actors have also reprised their roles as Ray and Winston.

ghostbusters spirits unleashed

– As a Ghostbuster – Be one of the four proton pack wielding Ghostbusters and attempt to catch a Ghost haunting unique locations with your trusty ghost trap and tools. Use the PKE Meter to sniff out rifts that act as the Ghost’s spawn points and destroy them with your Proton Pack’s particle thrower before the Ghost completes their haunt. As players progress, they will unlock cosmetics and upgrades for both Ghostbusters and Ghosts to evolve their gameplay experiences. The look and feel will deliver to fans an immersive experience in the universe, allowing them to play out their Ghostbusting fantasies.

– As the Ghost – Ghosts have multiple abilities in their arsenal, like possessing objects, of course sliming, and more, that make haunting all the various locations a blast to play. Choose from up to five Ghosts with unique skills, ultimate abilities, and commendable minions fueled by ectoplasm. Fly around public locations and possess an inordinate amount of inanimate objects to evade pursuing Ghostbusters. Frighten citizens until they flee in fear, prank unsuspecting Ghostbusters, and hide your rifts to spawn safely in case you get trapped.

– Locations – Explore multiple unique locations including, a museum, winter lodge, docked ship, multi-leveled prison, and an active brewery. Complete challenges, customize your Ghostbuster and Ghosts, and locate hidden spores, mold, and fungus to gain access to more unlockables.

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