Arknights Contingency Contract Operation Cinder Has Gone Live

Game company Yostar Games have recently announced that Strategic mobile RPG Arknights is now introducing the third season of the thrilling event: Contingency Contract Operation Cinder.


The new Contingency Contract will offer customizable challenges and strong enemies. It will also need Doctors to show their strategic thinking skills to clear maps. Expect some new stages, outfits, and rewards.

About Operation Cinder
The new Contingency Contract Season will run from May 28, 2021 to June 11, 2021(UTC-7). As with previous seasons, Operation Cinder also presents 8 stages with different challenges. However, Season Three adds two brand-new stages, and the permanent stage in the previous season is added to daily rotating stages. The new map updates deliver to the players a new exciting game experience.

Players can collect ‘Contract Bounty’ and ‘Operational Agreements’ from clearing different contract combinations. Through accumulating ‘Contract Bounty’, Doctors can redeem multiple rewards including Elite Materials, LMD, Furniture parts, Battle Records, Chips, etc, helping Doctors to better build up their operators and deploy them with stronger characteristics.

Exclusive Event Rewards
There will be 2 free outfits offered to players who participate in the event. ‘Queen, No.1’ for Bagpipe and ‘Beach Guard GT.001’ for Matterhorn will be redeemable in the Permanent Trade Center. Check it out

Limited-time Headhunting
In order to help Doctors to form stronger squads, the Joint Operation, Targeted Operator Headhunting opens. When players pull a 6-star or 5-star operator from Headhunting, the following operators, including Aak, Hoshiguma, Bagpipe, Ceobe, Broca, Asbestos, Blue Poison, Warfarin, Istina and Astesia, will appear.

Arknights is now available on Android and iOS.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the trailer: