Arknights next event on EN server teased

A look on what may be the next big event on Arknights EN.

Arknights regularly releases events with unique challenges along with event-limited operators and skins, to which the players are eagerly wanting to conquer as soon as they go up. The Twilight of Wolumonde Rerun event is currently running for players who have missed it the first time. Just recently, the Arknights EN Facebook and Twitter account posted this message on their page:

What’s the next event for Arknights EN?

The Arknights EN server is roughly 6 months behind the main Arknights CN server and most of the EN server’s events have been following CN server’s events so far. If that’s the case, it’s possible that the next event will be the Hymnoi Wisdom Interlocking Competition based on the events calendar.

The event will introduce a new style of progression through the challenges which will require players to carefully plan out which operators should be deployed to which stage, as once they have decided to garrison their operators, they will be locked on that stage and cannot be used again on the other stages.


Unprepared Dokutahs will surely find themselves lacking the firepower if they just rely on their 6*s or 5*s, hence the tweet warns players to upgrade their operators and also discreetly reminds them that the lower tiers can bring them to victory, too, provided that enough investment has been given to them. It is possible that a different event might come up first, but in any case we’ll surely keep an eye out and keep you posted.