Armored Core 6: Attack the Refueling Base Battle Log Locations

Armored Core 6 Attack the Refueling Station Battle Logs cover

The Attack the Refueling Base battle logs in Armored Core 6 can be difficult to find which is why so many players are having trouble. In order to get battle logs and combat logs, you’re required to beat certain enemies in specific missions but the game doesn’t exactly tell you where these enemies are. For those who are having trouble, we made this guide to show you where to find the Attack the Refueling Base battle logs in Armored Core 6, including all the necessary steps you need to do to get there.

Where to Find the Attack the Refueling Base Battle Logs in Armored Core 6

You have to beat two specific LCs in Attack the Refueling Base mission in Chapter 3 to get their battle logs. The first LC is underneath the bridge before you cross to the valley, firing lasers at you. The second one is underneath the longer of the two thin bridges located inside the valley, firing lasers at you. Defeat them both, and their combat logs are yours.

These two enemies aren’t specified by the game to have any battle logs, so you can easily miss them. Once you start the mission, continue on towards the first objective until you reach the bridge just before the refinery plant. Jump down, and you’ll find the first LC enemy that fires lasers at you. This one has the battle log you’re looking for.

For the second one, head right after beating the first LC until you reach two thin bridges that are connecting the valley above you. On the longer bridge to the right side, the second LC with the battle log will fire lasers at you. Defeat it, and the log is yours.

Getting the Attack the Refueling Base battle logs brings you a step closer to earning all the Armored Core 6 trophies and platinum in the game. This also helps you increase your Hunter Class Rank, which entitles you to redeem the Loghunt Program rewards.

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