Armored Core 6 How to Beat AH12: HC Helicopter Boss Guide

This guide talks about how to defeat the HC Helicopter boss in

Armored Core 6 HC Helicopter Boss cover

The AH12: Heavy Combat Helicopter, or the HC Helicopter, is one of the bosses in Armored Core 6. It is the first boss that players will have to defeat in order to progress through the campaign. Although it is meant to be an introductory boss, it’s relentless enough that players might find it too challenging to defeat. Read ahead as we talk about tactics on how to defeat the HC Helicopter boss in Armored Core 6.

How to defeat the HC Helicopter boss

The HC Helicopter boss comes as a mission at the end of Chapter 1. It is a fully aerial boss that mainly uses its guns and homing missiles to attack from a distance. There are several points in the battle arena that can be used as cover, however the boss can just reposition to get a better aim.

The boss has no specific weakpoints, but because of how its weaponry works, there is a safe spot underneath its cockpit where its guns could not aim at. The tactic to defeat the HC Helicopter boss is to try and get as close to it as possible where it is too close for its guns to reach, then unleash all of your attacks until it repositions. Strafe away from its attacks, then time your Assault Boost to dash towards its underbelly. As you run out of energy, try to land underneath it as you recharge to keep away from its fire range.

Your ranged weapons will have little effect towards damaging this boss, so it’s best to invest and make use of your melee weapon instead. Hitting the boss with the melee weapon will also cause significant amounts of impact damage that could quickly lead to staggering the boss which opens up a window to put in more attacks. Nevertheless, you can still hit the boss with ranged weapons just to keep the damage going.

The boss has a tendency to fly out of bounds which prevents you from getting near it. If it happens, you can force the boss to reposition by taking cover out of its line of sight. Also, it’s best to stay up in the air during its missile salvos as they deal splash damage upon impact.