Atomic Heart First DLC to Launch Soon

New DLC is set in a new, unknown location!

Soviet sci-fi fantasy FPS Atomic Heart is getting its first DLC soon.

Atomic Heart is getting its first DLC this summer, and a new teaser just got released. The video hints at some new undiscovered areas that have not been explored yet. It starts underwater, but slowly it shows some familiar pathways from the original game. The scene here now showcases the twisted pathways with the small huts connected in between. It also looks like a resort of some kind with parasols and small boats everywhere.

Somehow, it reminds players of a similar location from an old game. The video is 20 seconds only, but it does tickle the curiosity of fans.

Atomic Heart is out now on PC, PS4 PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. No word yet on the specific date for the first DLC.