Atomic Heart How to Save Your Game

Saving is a matter of patience in Atomic Heart

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The ability to save one’s game has been an integral part of gaming over the last 40 years or so. Especially in a game like Atomic Heart where you can spend dozens of hours exploring a vast facility full of death and destruction.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to save your game in Atomic Heart and more importantly, when you can start doing so. Because the game is just weird that way.

How to Save Your Game in Atomic Heart

To save your game, you need to press the interact button when you see the prompt in front of a red recorder device. This automatically overrides your previous save. Additionally, you do not have the option to create another save profile while you are playing the game.

The red recorders are scattered around the facility but you can also find one when you need it the most. Most of the time, you can find them inside rooms with the “glowing whale” sign on the side. They are very much meant to be staff breakrooms but we are thankful that the rooms themselves stand out the way they do.

Other places you can find the recorders are in areas before a boss battle is to take place. When you see one in the open next to a place that looks like an arena, chances are you might have a challenging fight on your hands. You’d best prepare for one.

When can you start saving in Atomic Heart?

Due to the amount of time spent in the intro, it is safe to say that players might start wondering when they can begin the process of saving their game.

The first time you can actively save the game is when you have fallen into the bowels of the facility and have survived long enough to be saved by other soldiers. After a botched rescue, you will find yourself going into one of NORA’s rooms. The oddly sexually pent-up machine will first try to kill you before letting you do your thing after exchanging pleasantries.

And that’s all you need to know about how to save your game in Atomic Heart. And one last thing, you can still get attacked while interacting with the recorders outside. You might want to be careful before saving out in the open.

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