Atomic Heart Locate the Volan Guide – Where to Find it

It's not water tower, that's for sure

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Atomic Heart is a sci-fi action shooter set in an alternate world where science has advanced in leaps and bounds, especially in the Soviet Union. The Volan is one such piece of advanced surveillance technology. It is so advanced that even our well-spoken glove finds it hard to crack.

How to Locate the Volan in Atomic Heart

The sequence begins the moment you exit the initial facility, having already failed in your mission to detail Petrov. Sechenov now asks you to go to another part of the complex but you cannot progress until you open the gate out of the village. And to do that, you’ll need to have the access codes for the Volan.

As part of the Breath of Fresh Air main story quest, agent P-3 must find a way into the Volan, a tower that is a command center for all surveillance cameras scattered throughout the area. It is the only way to way to open the gates out of town. Unfortunately for our agent, he needs a password to access the tower.

There are two ways to find the Volan:

  1. Follow the marker provided by CHAR-Les. The tower is located on a hill overlooking the village. Right next to a log cabin that looks to have ran communications. It has a good amount of resources stashed inside if you’re curious.
  2. Enter scanner mode and trace the red lines to their point of convergence. You’ll find the tower at the center of the network.

After reaching your destination, you will find that getting the codes is much more difficult than P-3 first assumed. It’s good then that granny Zina called and offered us the codes, a new weapon blueprint, and a cup of tea.

Granny Zina tells you to meet her at a nearby park. After surviving for as long as did, you know better than to turn down anything granny has to say. When we reach the location, however, we are attacked by a rampaging Belyash. Granny Zina’s flying house came in the nick of time and saved us the bullets. (We totally could have taken care of the robot.)

We watch a cutscene, get more exposition, and a blueprint for a Dominator heavy pulse cannon. It’s time to go back to the Volan and open the gates out of the village. Now that we have the access codes, all we need to do now is to walk underneath the plate and rise up to the tower’s observation post.

From there, we are going to hack the camera directly East of your location, pointing North along the main road. That should be the camera you need to hack. Other cameras work too, provided you have an angle looking at the gate.

And that’s all there is about locating the Volan in Atomic Heart. This won’t be the last time you will encounter the Volan in the game. There will be others around the facility. And they can prove to be useful if you know what you’re looking for.

Check out this video from Youtuber FP Good Game where they show us where you can locate the Volan.

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