Atomic Heart Official Release Window Revealed with Story Trailer

Fight crazy robots in alternative USSR!

Mundfish have recently revealed the official release window of upcoming action-packed FPS Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is an action FPS game set in the alternative version of USSR. The developers teased when it will be released with a redaction for the month, but it will be within this year. They did give a hint that it will be in the “ber” months, which means it will be from September to December. The exact month and day was promised to be revealed a bit later.

In this game, players will be stuck in an alternative, retro-future version of the 1950s USSR. Professor Sechenov has created the Polymer, an omnipotent substance that has the power to make the technology of tomorrow. With it, the Soviet Union became technologically advanced especially in robotics and AI development. This made the country the leading global power after the World War II.

Sechenov then creates and announces the launch of the Polymer-powered neural network called The Collective. It allowed people to control robots with their minds and can gain access to the world’s knowledge. Unfortunately, something terrible happened at Facility no 3826. Some say all the robots that were helping the scientist suddenly gone crazy and killed everyone in the process.

To find out what happened, Sechenov sends his protégé major Sergey Nechaev. Sergey is codenamed P-3 who is also an elite KGB agent and a war veteran with military-grade implants.

Players will take on the role of Sergey and try to discover the cause of all of this chaos at the Facility. Explore a dangerous world, meet bizarre characters, and fight against a horde of revolting robots and mutants within the underground maze of Soviet labs. They can upgrade their weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and some experimental pistols. There are also some melee weapons, and a polymeric glove that gives Sergey some powerful abilities like telekinesis, frost beam, and more.

Atomic Heart launches at the later part of the year. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, and PC. Play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.