Atomic Heart Pavlov Complex Door Code Solution

Getting to this secret door was no walk in the park

Atomic Heart Pavlov Complex Door Code Solution Featured Image

Atomic Heart is no stranger to weird and mind-boggling puzzles. The puzzle door in the Pavlov Complex is one such puzzle that will require your keen observation skills in order to unlock.

This particular door puzzle is en route to the main story quest mission, “Blood Courier” where you have to take Viktor’s head to the facility’s lab. You’ll have to fight off a literal horde of mutants before you can have the breathing room to even attempt to solve the puzzle.

Pavlov Complex Door Code Solution

The door can be found at the end of the hall where you initially entered the facility. But to get to it you’ll have to fight through two wards filled with mutants, and corpses that are about to become mutants. The door is in front of the stairwell leading to the lower wards.

The area downstairs is an even bigger mess with a whole heap of corpses just waiting to be transformed. Quickly deal with the mutants before more infectors claim more victims. We suggest freezing and burning to make quick work out of the abominations.

The puzzle solution lies between the hole in the wall and the screen next to the bed. If you look closely, you can see a circular pattern of hand prints resembling the lock. If you angle yourself correctly, you can see the four red circles inside the hand pattern. Three are visible, while the fourth one is covered in ash.

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Once you have an idea of what the pattern is like, head back to the door and attempt the puzzle. The image above is the solution for the lock.

The room contains four chests with a multitude of resources and the potential for a new blueprint. It’s quite the boon and well worth the initial fight with the horde. (I love the blood-pumping rock music, even if it was a little too much for the occasion.)

And that’s all there is for the puzzle lock in the Pavlov Complex. Good luck getting there in the first place, Agents. The bridge on foot was certainly no walk in the park.

Check out this video from Youtuber Gamer Guru where he shows you how you can solve the puzzle door in the Pavlov Complex.

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