Atomic Heart Red Arrow Puzzle Solution – How to Get Claire’s Right Arm

Need a hand, Claire?

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Part of the “She Sells Moustache on a Seashore” main story quest, the Red Arrow Puzzle in Atomic Heart sees agent P-3 gathering the parts of the Android Claire and putting her back together. It is a multipart quest where you can pick and choose which body part to secure first.

Atomic Heart Red Arrow Puzzle Walkthrough

The puzzle is located one floor above the main floor where Claire’s body is. To get to it, you’ll need to go up a flight of stairs and look for the exhibit hall with mutated growths on the side. CHAR-Les has the door’s entrance marked as a waypoint.

Atomic Heart Red Arrow Puzzle Walkthrough

The door has a combination puzzle lock. One side is the finger snaps one and the one beside it is a color alignment one. Should you find them difficult, you can always step back and you’ll get a new random puzzle to solve.

Once inside, you’ll be met with a display of one of the drilling robots you’ve encountered in the Vavilov complex. It is suspended in the air and for some reason, it has Claire’s arm in its maw.

Below the drilling machine is a group of laborer robots wandering around the area. You may want to get rid of them before solving the puzzle.

Atomic Heart Red Arrow Puzzle Walkthrough 2

There’s not much to this puzzle, actually. If you’ve ever played “Snake” on a mobile phone, (yes, those were a thing, back in the day.) then you should be able to solve it pretty quickly. But to sum it up, you have to guide the head of the “snake” into the other object on the screen. You can give it a direction by pressing down your movement buttons. The snake will continue on in that direction until given told to change course.

There are two things to take note of about this puzzle. Unlike the original Snake game, you cannot go to the boundary and expect to appear on the other side. Instead, it will reset and start over. And second, maintaining the snake’s length can be tricky. Try not to change direction too much and extend your body to the outer edges of the screen so that you have room to maneuver all the way to the center.

Eat enough of the objects on screen and you will be rewarded with the arm delivered to you by the drilling bot.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. The moment you get the arm, lab techs and pchela drones will begin to attack your position. Be careful if you’re hurting for healing items.

When that’s taken care of, simply head back to the main floor to attach the arm back onto Claire’s body.

And that’s all you need to know about the Red Arrow puzzle in Atomic Heart. Good luck out there, agent P-3.

Check out this video by Trophygamers showing us a full walkthrough on how to locate Claire’s Right Arm during the Atomic Heart Red Arrow quest:

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