Atomic Heart Testing Ground 6 Walkthrough

How to complete the Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 6 cover

Testing Ground 6 is one of the areas in Atomic Heart that is an optional place to go through to get weapon blue prints and upgrades. Testing Grounds, also known as Polygons, are usually filled with puzzles and obstacles, as well as enemies that patrol the area.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart, as well as share the locations of where the Loot-yagins can be found.

How to access Testing Ground 6

Head to the area marked as the Testing Ground 2 southeast of the arena and look for the building that has a blue roof. The door to this building will still be locked, so head towards the lookout tower across the lake southwest to find an antenna.

Interface with the antenna and choose the camera south of the building to get a clear view of the entrance, then hack the door open.

Platform puzzle

Make your way through the testing ground until you arrive at the room with the revolving platforms. Cross the room to make it on the other side, then turn the wheel until you have the two dots on top.

Then cross back on the platform and turn the wheel until it has the two dots on top. Go back to the first wheel and turn until it has one dot on top.

Go back to the platform and climb on top of the wall to reach the other revolving platform. At this point, you should have the wall that has the locked door on the floor. Open the lock using the timing mechanic, then go back to the first wheel and turn it until the two points are on top. Go to the second wheel and put the four dots on top. Then finally, go back to the first wheel to put the four dots on top. You can then make your way back on the platforms and you’ll be able to access the hole in the wall.

Bronze Loot-yagin – MP Extended Magazine

Turn left from the hole, then enter the other hole to arrive a room with pistons. The room across has the Bronze Loot-yagin containing the PM Extended Magazine.

Silver Loot-yagin – Kalash Collimator

Climb the stairs around the pistons in the room then enter the next huge room. Go down the grates in the middle and into the hole below. Once inside the tunnel, turn left, then another left, then turn right, and then climb back up to the surface. You’ll see a room nearby with the Silver Loot-yagin inside carrying the Kalash Collimator.

Gold Loot-yagin – Electromagnetic Emitter / Snowball Battering Blow

From the Silver Loot-yagin, go to the previous room and climb the stairs to reach the next room. Take the path on the left then make your way to the next room. Go towards the stack of cases on the left and climb it to reach the ledge.

Just as you reach the ledge, carefully line up so that you can clear the jump to the next ledge that leads to the exit. Take the jump then to the left of the exit elevator, you’ll see the room that has the Gold Loot-yagin that contains the Electromagnetic Emitter and the Snowball Battering Blow.

Check out this video by Game Guides Channel showing how to complete the Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart:

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