Atomic Heart THOUGHT Device – What Are They?

This is what we know about THOUGHT Devices

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Atomic Heart dips heavily into the well of Science Fiction and puts a Soviet twist on it. The THOUGHT devices are one of those devices that’s supposed to bring mankind to the next step of evolution. But what are they anyway? Here’s everything we put together about the device from our experiences throughout the game.

What are THOUGHT Devices in Atomic Heart?

In terms of real-world equivalency, THOUGHT devices are something close to a cell phone. They are all-in-one devices that are attached to one’s temple and connect the user to a broader network. For a more detailed explanation, THOUGHT devices connect humans to the Kollektiv. From what we can tell, it is something akin to the Khala in Starcraft. Through the Kollektiv, humans connect thoughts, and somehow this singular will is what leads to the evolution of humans.

The Kollektiv is said to give humans the ability to command the androids through their thoughts. But seeing the aftermath at Facility 3826, that cannot be trusted. Controlling robots isn’t the only thing THOUGHT devices are good for; they also allow the dead to communicate with the living.

How THOUGHT devices allow the dead to talk

A couple of hours into the game, we encounter the first of many dead yet not-so-dead corpses. They seem to be aware of their surroundings and even respond as if they are still alive. But they are not.

According to CHAR-LES, “The dead have a residual Neuro-Polymer memory and are capable of communicating for some time after death.” In other words, they’re an echo of the person to whom they’re attached. As creepy as they are, they have proven to be useful on more than one occasion.

Can a THOUGHT device be removed?

When P-3 started to question everything about the mission, he started to question the effects the devices might have on people and even asked CHAR-Les if people could simply remove the device.

CHAR-Les admits that there is no data to draw from. But assures the Major that no one can stop a person from removing his or her THOUGHT device. It is worn on the head [the temple], not implanted in the skull.

And that’s all we have right now on the THOUGHT device. If more information becomes available to us. We will update this article to reflect on those changes.

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