Atomic Heart Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here a few things to note concerning the Platinum trophy run for Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is an upcoming game developed by studio Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment. The game is set in an alternate world where Soviet Russia

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get you on the path to earning the Platinum trophy for Atomic Heart. Don’t assume anything is safe. Nothing is what it seems on the surface.

There are 42 Trophies to collect in total:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 3 Gold Trophies
  • 8 Silver Trophies
  • 30 Bronze Trophies

Atomic Heart Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • The Motherland Does Not Forget Its Heroes: Unlock all trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Atomic Heart: Complete the game in Hardcore mode
  • Burning Ears: Find all Chirpers (0/81)
  • Clean-up: Complete all testing grounds (0/8)

Silver Trophies

  • Strike: Kill Hedgie without making a single shot / destroy all statues
  • Murderous Beauty: Kill Twins
  • Chop Chop Chop: Kill Belyash with a melee weapon
  • Lord of War: Collect all weapons (0/14)
  • Polymerization: Collect 100 jelly
  • Beast Friend: Find all talking dead animals (0/3)
  • The Necromancer: Talk to every dead [persons] (0/46)
  • More Than Profit: Find all Lootyagins (0/24)

Bronze Trophies

  • Medium Rare: Kill Belyash
  • Make it Go Round: Kill Hedgie
  • Plyusch Rush: Kill Plyusch
  • Show’s Over: Kill Natasha
  • Dew Point: Kill Dewdrop
  • Happy Polymerization Day!: Fly out of Chelomey
  • Pistils and Stamens: Get out of Vavilov
  • Tickets, Please!: Take a train at the Lesnaya Maglev train station
  • Quite an Achievement: Clear the VDNH complex
  • Curtain: Finish a theater performance
  • Medical Checkup: Get to a hospital
  • Freedom Reflex: Explore Pavlov
  • Kommunism 2.0: Find out the AoC’s secret
  • Artisan: Create a weapon in a crafting machine
  • Weapon Master: Create five types of weapons [0/5]
  • Chemist: Craft consumables of all types
  • Apple Pie: Pick all apples in Limbo (0/98)
  • The Great Inventor: Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level
  • Lefthand Mastery: Fully upgrade one skill tree
  • How Can I Help You?: Use a phone booth at Chelomey
  • Explorer: Find a testing ground (0/8)
  • Scanner: Scan all mobs (0/27)
  • Avatar: Kill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified enemies, and 10 frozen enemies
  • Hothead: Make 25 aimed headshots from Makarov pistol
  • Below Zero: Freeze a Vova mid-air
  • Assimilation Procedure Interrupted: Don’t let a sprout grow into a mutant
  • Bull’s Eye!: Use Telekinesis to throw an object and knock down an Owl
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Get drunk with vodka and kill 5 enemies
  • Triple Penetration: Kill 3 or more enemies with a single Railgun shot
  • Hands on the Hood: HIt 20 enemies by a car (0/20)

From what we’re looking at, the platinum trophy run for Atomic Heart is a reasonable one. A single-player game with no need for online trophies and a hint of challenge is what we have here. You can choose to go to the deep end and finish the game on Hardcore to unlock the Atomic Heart gold trophy right off the bat. Or take it easy and get all trophies by doing 2 or more playthroughs. Either way, unless you have a sure-fire way to get everything in one playthrough, you’re better off focusing on the collectibles first and then on the challenges.

The most glaring thing you’ll notice on the trophy list is the number of collectibles there are in the game. There are 81 Chirpers [Burning Ears] on the checklist (most likely to destroy), 100 jellies [Polymerization], 3 talking dead animals [Beast Friend], 46 dead persons to talk to [The Necromancer], 24 Lootyagins to collect [More Than Profit]. And that’s just for the Gold and Silver trophies.

In the Bronze section, there is the Apple Pie trophy where you have to collect 98 apples in Limbo. Additionally, you need to scan 27 different mob types to unlock the Scanner bronze trophy.

On the bright side, there are 14 weapons to collect. That’s slightly above the number of weapons found in a single-player game. (This doesn’t count for abilities either.) Of all those weapons at least 5 of them are craftable and are tied to the Artisan and Weapon Master bronze trophies.

Interestingly enough, from all the users that have access to the game right now, no one has managed to get the Chemist bronze trophy. It only asks the player to craft consumables of all 6 types. One reason is that they could have overlooked it for the most part. In some FPS games, consumables are just an afterthought.

And finally, we come to the challenges. Among the silver trophies, it would appear that the Strike trophy is easier to obtain than the Chop Chop Chop trophy. So far no one’s killed Belyash with a melee weapon yet. Other challenge trophies are Avatar, Hothead, Below Zero, Assimilation Procedure Interrupted, Bull’s Eye, Alcoholics Anonymous, Triple Penetration, and Hands on the Hood.

Atomic Heart Steam image 01

And that’s every trophy covered in Atomic Heart minus the ones you get for story progression and defeating bosses. Please enjoy your time in this dystopian, yet visually interesting world.

Check out this cheeky trailer where Atomic Heart shows how one would react during a robot apocalypse. (Feat. another recently released game.)

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