Designing an Avalanche Multiplayer Game “A Different Beast” Says Contraband Dev

Just Cause just proves how it becomes a challenge for adding multiplayer gameplay.

Avalanche Studio CEO Pim Holfve recently shared some details about their next work, Contraband, in an exclusive interview and teases of what to expect.

Holfve recently talked about their previous work, Just Cause 2, and how it got its multiplayer feature, which was via a mod. He shared that playing that multiplayer mod was “just chaos. But it’s fun for five minutes.”

The CEO then shared why it would be a challenge to design an Avalanche game for multiplayer:

It’s a different beast to design an Avalanche game for multiplayer rather than single-player, where you only have to take one player into account. Our worlds are super reactive, so when you have three additional people reacting or making the world react, it can be mayhem.

Mayhem indeed. The Just Cause series is known for its crazy mechanics with out-of-this-world physics and awesome tools that would either make you go mad or just die in laughter. Attaching rocket boosters to a cow and tying it up together to other cows as well and look at them fly into the sunset? Just Cause classic.

Holfve would not confirm nor deny that the upcoming game Contraband will be just a Just Cause multiplayer. He just teased “the more, the merrier”. It was confirmed that it will be a co-op multiplayer game, so it is possible that Avalanche has actually cracked the code or maybe they just let go and let chaos reign. Both will be fun.

Partnering with Microsoft might have just bolstered that too. With the platform holder’s help, Avalanche might pull it off with the Xbox Series X/S’s hardware and their brand new Apex engine “with a lot of ‘special sauce’ added.”

Contraband will be released day one on Xbox Game Pass. It will be available on Xbox Series X/S, and PC. No word yet on the official release date.