Hogwarts Legacy UK First Week Sales Now Higher Than Elden Ring

Now higher than Elden Ring.

A new report has recently revealed that Hogwarts Legacy UK’s first-week sales are now higher than the previous top seller.

Gamesindustry.biz has recently revealed that in terms of physical sales, Hogwarts Legacy is now the best-selling game in the UK. It has now dethroned the number 1 on the list before, which was FromSoftware’s popular game, Elden Ring.

Compared to Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy’s week one sale are 80 percent higher, which is quite an achievement for Avalanche Studios. According to the report by GfK data, 82 percent of copies sold were on PS5. The remaining 18 percent of sales were on Xbox Series X.

Digital sales were not included but based on the report the game’s sales on Xbox are quite higher since the Xbox Series S is digital-only.

As a Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts Legacy’s first-week sales are the highest compared to any other Harry Potter game release to date.

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Even though the game has been subject to controversy due to the franchise’s creator sharing something controversial, Hogwarts Legacy is still gaining big sales and breaking new records on various platforms.