Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Walkthrough: The Lodge

This guide goes through the events of The Lodge in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Walkthrough The Lodge

The Lodge is the sixteenth chapter in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. After discovering that the RDA has been ruthlessly hunting the creatures of Pandora to turn them to trophies, the young Sarentu and the Zeswa sisters decides to raid the lodge and destroy it. Read ahead as we go through the events of The Lodge in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and share some tips on how to complete the chapter.

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Go to The Hunting Lodge on the north side of the Mother of Rivers

The Hunting Lodge Location - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora The Lodge Walkthrough

Fly over to the Hunting Lodge which can be found north of the Mother of Rivers. You will see a huge RDA facility which will be heavily guarded by soldiers, so land by a safe area by the perimeter to prepare.

Search the Warehouse Administration room at the Lodge for information on Harding’s activities

Once you’re at the perimeter, find a spot where your can infiltrate the facility. Your first objective in this area is to locate the Warehouse Administration room. Sneak into the facility or directly engage with the soldiers outside to clear them out before heading into the admin room.

Access the terminal in Admin Room - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora The Lodge Walkthrough

Go inside the admin room, access the terminal using the code you got from earlier, then hack it. You will hear a comms message recording between Mercer and Harding and that Mercer wants her to focus less on her hunting and have her men be stationed on the drill sites instead.

Go to the warehouse in The Hunting Lodge

Go to the warehouse - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora The Lodge Walkthrough

Go inside the bay and pull the lever to open the gate to access the warehouse.

Sabotage The Hunting Lodge

Sabotage The Hunting Lodge - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora The Lodge Walkthrough

Once you’re in the lodge, clear out the soldiers, then locate the flow valves. Follow the path at the back of the warehouse that leads to the Gas Flow section.

Go up the ramp and head to the other side to find the flow valves; turn them to open the valve.

Next, head to the Gas Facility 1 room nearby and pull the lever to start the gas flow.

However, a failsafe in the warehouse shuts down the gas flow instead. Go inside Diagnostics near the ramp you came up from earlier and go through the vent on the side.

sabotage the failsafe - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora The Lodge Walkthrough

Crawl through the vent to reach the other room where you can find the failsafe. Open the panel on the side of the machine to sabotage it.

Restart the machinery from the Admin room to destroy The Hunting Lodge

Open the door nearby by hacking into the panel. Follow the wire back to the Warehouse Administration room, then hack the other terminal to restart the machinery inside the warehouse and make it explode.

The Lodge Final Cutscene - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora The Lodge Walkthrough

The sisters then come into the room and discover what the RDA has done with those they hunted. You then share what you got from the comms call between Mercer and Harding where Harding found a large supply of zakru bones. Minang senses that the RDA are referring to the Weeping Gorge and they plan to exhume the bones from there.

Minang also worries that Sosul, who is at the gorge, will die by the hands of the RDA by facing them alone. A call from Harding then comes in and she discovers who are at the warehouse. Nesim cuts the call short with her spear. You then offer your help to fly to the gorge to warn Sosul.

This concludes the chapter and you earn more Clan Favor for the Zeswa, plus 2 skill points.

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