Babylon’s Fall Out Now on PC and PlayStation Consoles

Now available for purchase!

Square Enix officially announces the launch of video game Babylon’s Fall.

Babylon’s Fall is now officially launched on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. Players will need a persistent broadband internet connection in order to play the game since it is required.

The game was developed together with renowned specialists, PlatinumGames. It features fluid co-op combat, powerful weapons, and a unique art style. The game can be played solo or a combination of four players.

Aside from the launch version, the game will still get future updates that will add new additional weapon types, new game modes, and new ongoing story content. During Season 1, all players will get the Premium Battle Pass for free.

There is a free demo right now for PS4, and PS5 units. It offers single and four-player co-op gameplay. Our time here will be used for future references.

In BABYLON’S FALL players become a group of warriors known as the sentinels, bonded with special equipment called Gideon Coffins, and throw themselves into an odyssey to overcome the titanic Tower of Babylon, within which sleeps a great legacy. In addition to weapons wielded in both hands, characters can use the power of their Gideon Coffin to equip two more, allowing for combinations of up to four weapons at once. The capabilities of different equipment will also bring endless variation to the strategy that can be employed. The game’s visuals are achieved using a newly developed “brushwork style” to create a unique fantasy setting with a medieval oil painting aesthetic.

Babylon’s Fall is now available on PC via Steam, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Press Release