Babylon’s Fall Second Season Extended

Back to the drawing board and more time for season 2.

babylon's fall

Square Enix has now decided to have Babylon’s Fall second season extended for longer.

Babylon’s Fall Second Season Time Doubled

After getting the feedback from the players of Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix has now decided to double the months for the latest season to last. Instead of three months, the second season will now be six months. The developers felt that they needed more time to re-evaluate the game’s future operating roadmap.

No New Update or Content During Extension

According to the team, the second season will have version 1.2.1 small-scale update. After that, they will now use the extra three months of the season extension for development on the next update. During that time, they will not release any new content or have any further updates to the game.

babylon's fall

The team assured players will still be able to play the game even though there will be no new content updates over three month extension.

Second Season Content

The Light of Aaru is the second season of the game and will start on May 31, 2022. It will have the continuation of the story as the Sentinels move forward to the Ziggurat under a new order. It will introduce a new Faction called the Kuftaali and the reveal of Pistols.

The team apologized for the delay, but they hope the players will still continue playing the game despite all that.

Babylon’s Fall is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5.