Babylon’s Fall Releases Latest Update with Patch Notes

Goodbye, Babylon's Fall.

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The final update for Babylon’s Fall has been officially released and its patch notes is quite depressing.

Babylon’s Fall was an online co-op action RPG that did not do well as most reviewers gave below average reviews. On Steam it had 482 Mostly Negative user reviews. Some reviewers said that it had underwhelming visuals, uninteresting gameplay, and more negative criticisms.

After six months since the game’s launch, Platinum Games quickly stopped all of their big plans for the game and announced that it will cancel the live service game online. Today, that live service ends.

On Steam, the most depressing patch notes was posted and it even only had one line. It deserves an award for the saddest patch notes in history.

Version 1.4.0 Patch Notes

  • End of service

And with that, Babylon’s Fall is not playable anymore. Anyone who boots up the game will only be on the launch UI and will not be able to login into the servers. That’s it.

It has been fun, Babylon’s Fall. For those who have the playdiscs, maybe turn them into a coaster?

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